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Canadian Web Hosting to Launch Public Cloud Built on OpenStack Software

Ina bid to support the development of open source software OpenStack, Canadian Web Hosting yesterday announced that it has joined the OpenStack Foundation.

Earlier this year Canadian Web Hosting launched new Shared Cloud Hosting plans with VMware.

A corporate sponsor of OpenStack, Canadian Web Hosting is now member of a community of 850 organizations committed to building cloud architecture based on open source software and open standards.

We are excited to welcome Canadian Web Hosting to the OpenStack community and look forward to advancing the OpenStack mission with their support.
– Mark Collier, COO, OpenStack Foundation.Mark Collier, COO, OpenStack Foundation

“OpenStack gives us the ability to continue supporting the open source community that has been a big part of our company since 1998, said Mr. Matt McKinney, Director, Canadian Web Hosting.

“More importantly, we will be doing something a bit different by not only offering our corporate support behind the platform but also reaching out to our customers and working with them to join our efforts in increasing the footprint of Canadian Web Hosting within the community and supporting several of the interrelated projects within the platform. It’s a unique proposition and we are excited to be working with our customer’s hand-in-hand to bring these cutting edge technologies to Canada,” he added.

Canadian Web Hosting has been integrating OpenStacks Cloud Operating System into their Cloud Hosting infrastructure. Now customers will have access to their compute, networking and storage services and be able to provision cloud-based resources in Canada through OpenStacks dashboard with an easy web interface.

Customers will now also have the flexibility they need to manage their resources as Canadian Web Hosting will be providing both monthly server and storage services, and hourly usage billing.

With Canadian Web Hosting’s soon to be released public cloud , companies will be able to access OpenStack’s open source cloud computing platform directly without the typical vendor lock. The new platform will deliver scalable and easy to use infrastructure-as-a-service to companies in and outside of Canada, who’ll also benefit from Canada’s strict regulations to protect their data and privacy.

“We are excited to welcome Canadian Web Hosting to the OpenStack community and look forward to advancing the OpenStack mission with their support,” said Mark Collier, COO, OpenStack Foundation.

“As our community continues to grow globally, we are thrilled to see the innovative solutions Canadian Web Hosting and other members of the community continue to bring to market, helping to deliver new open source solutions to the enterprise and produce the best cloud software in the industry,” he added.

For more information, email sales(at)canadianwebhosting(dot)com.

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