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Calling all the blockchain enthusiasts in the largest blockchain conference: World Satoshi Summit 2018

Calling all the blockchain enthusiasts in the largest blockchain conference: World Satoshi Summit 2018

South Asia’s largest conference on blockchain – World Satoshi Summit 2018, is all set to revolutionize the technology underpinning cryptocurrency, through its global series of events.

The first event of the series will debut in the capital city of the world’s largest democracy – New Delhi, between 12th -13th May 2018, at JW Marriott Hotel Aerocity.

The distributed ledger technology, better called blockchain, forms the basis of Bitcoin and other present and up-coming cryptocurrencies, and is all set to disrupt the way the internet did in the 1996.

Since 2008, when Satoshi Nakamoto introduced the world with the concept of digital currency, blockchain has evolved to be much more than a simple technology. It is a revolution that can bring radical shifts in the global financial infrastructure.

Blockchain can enable individuals or corporations around the world to do business, without establishing trust with any third-party intermediary. This can erode any chances of fraud or loss and help societies become more secure in their transactions.

Blockchain has been the hot topic of discussion at various global events.

The folks at WSS (World Satoshi Summit) aim to bring together students, leaders, blockchain enthusiasts and developers under one roof to ideate, discuss and exchange information on this evolving technology.

WSS promotes a global vision where each community, organization, economy and country can operate in an environment that is full of trust – free of corruption and any inefficiency that can be caused by human error or greed.

The event will address multiple issues prevalent in the present systems and will draw out conclusions for further discussions.

The team behind WSS

WSS is organized by leading blockchain experts – Harmeet Singh Monga and Rajeesh Dhuddhu. While Harmeet is the chief business officer at Blocksmiths, Rajesh is the senior vice president at Quatrro and a TEDx speaker.

Summit highlights

  • 50+ speakers
  • 100+ influencers
  • 50+ VCs
  • 3500+ attendees
  • 100+ global organizations
  • 40+ startups

Speaker line-Up

The speaker list includes the leaders and experts of blockchain:

Roger Ver – CEO, Bitcoin Billionaire & Founder Bitcoin Cash

Devie Mohan – Founder at Turya, Co-Founder and CEO at Burnmark,

Leanne Kemp – Founder and CEO, Everledger,

Kumar Gaurav – Blockchain Expert/Speaker, Founder and CEO at Cashaa,
and many more.

Special Highlights

Nova Stride: The startups at WSS will be given the opportunity to display their product and receive direct feedback from the investors/users. They also stand the chance to receive direct funding from the VCs/HNIs/ and IBs.

Women empowerment: More than 250 underprivileged women will be imparted knowledge on blockchain to prepare them for the upcoming job opportunities that can arise in the decentralized economy.

What makes WSS 2018 a must-attend event?

For Entrepreneurs: Get the chance to network with the best blockchain influencers and present your brand.

For Startups: Showcase your novel products to the panel of investors and increase your chances to get funded.

For Traders: Learn and network with the world’s best traders of blockchain.

For Public Organizations: Learn how government can use the rising blockchain technology and increase operational efficiency.

For Corporates: Know how to leverage blockchains for efficiency gains in MNCs through live sessions and case studies.

For Learners: Ultimate platform to meet blockchain experts and learn the specifics of mining cryptocurrencies.

Exclusive discount codes for DHN readers

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Stay tuned to get latest updates from the event.

Note: The event stands cancelled/postponed due to unavoidable circumstances. We regret the inconvenience caused.

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