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Cable Cut Leads Wikipedia To Go Down

Cable Cut Leads Wikipedia To Go Down

Wikipedia, a renowned online free encyclopedia faced few hours downtime on their website  on Monday . The downtime was caused due to accidental  cable cut near a Data Center  situated in Florida.

Disconnected cable is supposed to connect between Tampa, Florida and Virginia. Cables remained separated for around one hour leading to  the website failure for around three hours.Wikipedia’s mobile websites remained unaffected but the Application Programming  Interface continues to suffer problems even when the site was restored .

David Gerard, UK spokesman for the Wikimedia Foundation – the charity which owns Wikipedia and other similar sites stated, “Things appear to have been patched up, services are being brought back and things are getting to OK now,Someone  cut the cables going to the Tampa, Florida data center. We have two big [centers], one in Florida and one in Virginia, and some network proxies in Amsterdam. Everyone in that data center was affected!”

According to Gerard the problem has been resolved but the exact cause for this problem is not clear yet. Wikipedia is the latest website that has been hit by a downtime; recently Google talk and twitter also face

d such problems.

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