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CA Veracode program updates to enable secure coding for DevOps and Agile processes

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Veracode, a business unit of CA Technologies and a leading provider of software security, announced enhancing CA Veracode Verified, the security program that enables software vendors to get the security validated by a third-party for its software development process.

Around 30% of the breaches occur due to the vulnerability at the application layer. A study by IDG revealed that 84% of professionals agreed that their companies were concerned about the potential data security risk posed by third-party applications.

Being a leading application security firm, Veracode aims to empower software vendors with an approach that can validate their company’s secure software development practices.

CA Veracode Verified not only scans and fixes security flaws, but also embed security into the entire development process of web and mobile applications.

“As software becomes a bigger component of value in all industries, every company is driven to become a modern software factory. Security becomes a competitive advantage as companies learn to create and buy high-quality, secure software. Too often we’re seeing security sacrificed to accommodate the speed of business,” said Chris Wysopal, chief technology officer, CA Veracode.

The software vendors can use CA Veracode Verified program to protect their AppSec (application security) budget, and integrate security into entire development process, from coding to the delivery of software.

Through this program, the software vendors will get a graphic (seal) for their website, and a document that can be sent to the customers to inform them about implemented security practices.

“The CA Veracode Verified program provides both a roadmap towards secure software development and a quick means of determining the commitment to security made by potential software vendor. The program seal highlights organizations that make secure software development a competitive advantage by showing that they adopted a mature application security program that covers the entire SDLC,” added Chris Wysopal.

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