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C4L Begins Phase Two of Bournemouth Data Centre

C4L Begins Phase Two of Bournemouth Data Centre

DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 22, 2011 – C4L has this week commenced the build of phase two at its Bournemouth data center. The facility is being built to a Tier 2+ specification, and once complete will be one of the largest data centers in the South West. The expansion of the Bournemouth data canter will provide an additional 120 racks / 3,000 square feet of space. This will lead to an increase in capacity by two-thirds.

Phase two of the Bournemouth data canter will feature N+1 redundancy on power and cooling, as well as backup generators which will take the full load of the building should a mains power failure occur.

Riello will provide high energy efficiency via uninterruptable power supply (UPS) systems at the facility whilst Airedale is to provide the sites cooling systems. The building’s air conditioning will use direct expansion based cooling technology coupled with C4L’s cold aisle cooling practices to ensure maximum efficiency.

“Internet infrastructure is becoming increasingly important as more and more organizations’ become heavily reliant on online services and connectivity in order to run their business,” said Matt Hawkins, managing director of C4L. “With the adoption of cloud computing increasing and more and more applications and services being delivered away from organizations’ own premises, we experienced a high level of demand for phase one of the Bournemouth data center. So much so that the site reached full capacity within the first six months of it opening. The high level of demand for colocation space at the Bournemouth facility has prompted us to commence phase two of the build earlier than anticipated. The facility benefits from exceptionally low latency and excellent resilience as it’s connected to our private network, making it an ideal outside of London colocation facility. The Bournemouth data canter is being built to Tier 2+ specifications and at this site we can offer a wide range of IT services.”

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About C4L
C4L is a U.K based data canter, internet and connectivity services provider. Apart from owning a high speed fiber network, C4L has a presence in over 40 data centers across the UK and Europe. C4L provides its customers with an all-encompassing solution, offering huge cost savings, greater innovation and peace of mind, with a minimum SLA of 99.95%.

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