C4L Acquires Space for More Colocation

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DAILYHOSTNEWS, November 2, 2011 – More colocation space is now available for British-based hosting provider C4L. Yesterday the company revealed that it had received additional room in a new data center by provider Virtus.

With the move, C4L cited “increasing demand.”

Peter Miles, business development director at Virtus, the company that is the data center provider, expressed excitement concerning C4L’s acquisition of additional space, referring to C4L as a “rapidly growing and diverse business.”

He also stated, “Our Tier 3 facility will complement C4L’s existing portfolio and will prove highly attractive to tenants seeking the increased resilience that our data center offers…”

Specifically, the data center is Tier 3 and encompasses 27 thousand square feet of what C4L says is “technical space.”

Cooling also comes into play. Both the facility’s power and cooling are N+1.

“This data centre is one of the more impressive facilities we’ve seen recently, so we’re understandably excited to have it on our network,” stated C4L managing director Matt Hawkins.

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“It combines the low latency connections many companies need with excellent accessibility and the security of it being a Tier 3 location. In short, this is a site we’re sure will be extremely popular with our customers,” he continued.

Just last month, C4L announced that it was beginning a second phase of construction on a data center in Bournemouth, UK.

Aside from providing colocation, C4L specializes in managed services, hosting, and data storage. The company operates from various data centers throughout the United Kingdom.

About C4L
C4L is a U.K based data canter, internet and connectivity services provider. Apart from owning a high speed fiber network, C4L has a presence in over 40 data centers across the UK and Europe. C4L provides its customers with an all-encompassing solution, offering huge cost savings, greater innovation and peace of mind, with a minimum SLA of 99.95%.

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