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Britain’s KloudPaD’s Memmoo to be launched in Kerala

Britain’s KloudPaD’s Memmoo to be launched in Kerala

, Britain’s mobile convergence brand, is ready to launch memmoo network for Keralites. Memmoo is the non-GSM based wireless open phone network and this network is termed as memmoo network.

The announcement was made at the Emerging Kerela Meet that concluded at Kochi on Friday. Inventors of this network are two brothers who are from Thiruvananthapuram but are now based in Britain. The two brothers arrived as part of a 45-member UK delegation to the three-day event that got over on Friday. They have decided to set up operations at the Start Up Village in Kochi by setting up a product development and R&D center. Their mentor for this is Austrian professor P. Rapagic, at the University of Greenwich in Britain, who co-discovered the fax modem.

“This is the world’s first social network mobile phone without a GSM architecture and can be operated at one tenth cost of existing mobile networks. This is an open network and is called the memmoo network,” said Aromal Jayaraj, co-founder and director of KloudPaD.

As per the news on NDTV, the memmoo network can be enabled on all mobile handsets. The combination of FM radio and Wireless radio frequency are the backbone of its operations.

“The guiding principle in this is one world, one network. There is no need for connecting with the nearest mobile tower, as seen in present mobile operators. All one needs to do is create a memmoo profile and soon you will know where one is present, who are the other memmoo profile holders and can interact with them with no cost,” said Jayaraj to IANS.

“This technology is at present used by the US Military and we are bringing this out in the commercial market for the first time. It is a network of the people, by the people and for the people,” said Jayaraj.

Have you heard about any similar networks like Memmoo? Tell us in comments.

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