Brand value surge propels NVIDIA to the top spot in the semiconductor industry

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  • Jensen Huang, the industry’s top-ranked CEO, steers NVIDIA to 163% brand value growth
  • TSMC’s growing brand value is reinforced by its vital role in the foundry market
  • Intel’s brand equity remains robust despite a decrease in brand value

NVIDIA overtakes Intel and TSMC to gain the position as the world’s most valuable Semiconductors brand for the first time, according to a new report from Brand Finance, the world’s leading brand valuation consultancy. NVIDIA’s brand value increase of 163% to USD44.5 billion underscores its dominance and rapid growth in the semiconductor sector. This rise can be attributed to NVIDIA’s significant contributions and developments within artificial intelligence (AI).

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Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s CEO, remains the highest-ranked CEO in both the Semiconductor sector and the United States in Brand Finance’s Brand Guardianship Index 2024. Since co-founding NVIDIA, Huang has been pivotal in transforming the brand from a challenger in gaming processor manufacturing to a dominant force in contemporary AI technology.

Lorenzo Coruzzi, Brand Finance Director, commented:

“In the fast-evolving realm of technology, NVIDIA stands as a dominant force, reshaping the trajectory of the semiconductor industry. Bolstered by remarkable financial performance, especially in the data centre sector, NVIDIA’s brand value has surged. Our research also underscores NVIDIA’s growing global recognition, particularly in China, with a 40% increase in familiarity. Under the leadership of Jensen Huang, NVIDIA’s brand value is poised for continued growth and is likely to be a pivotal player in the future of the global tech ecosystem.”

TSMC (brand value up 16% to USD25.1 billion) remains the second most valuable brand in the industry. Holding 60% of the world’s foundry market share, TSMC has a crucial position in the semiconductor landscape. Despite facing challenges in brand strength metrics and addressing escalating global semiconductor demand, Brand Finance researchers attribute part of TSMC’s brand value growth to projected revenue increases. Additionally, the company is strategically expanding its international presence through significant investments to enhance global chipmaking capacity.


Intel maintains its status as the strongest semiconductor brand despite experiencing a 7% decrease in brand value to USD21.3 billion. While Intel’s financial value has dipped, certain facets of its brand equity and operational efficiency have strengthened, with its Brand Strength Index score improving to 81.6/100. Brand Finance’s research found enhanced scores in value for money, familiarity, and consideration. It also revealed customers’ willingness to pay a premium for Intel products, underscoring the brand’s resilience and customer loyalty amidst financial and operational challenges.

Image credits: Brand Finance

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