BlueHost Partnered with CloudFlare

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[DAILYHOSTNEWS] July 19, 2012, BlueHost, the web hosting provider, partnered with CloudFlare, the content distribution network provider to provide CloudFlare’s services to its customers.

BlueHost integrated CloudFlare in order to get it accessible to all users. Interested users just need to select CloudFlare within their account settings and identify which website(s) they wish to enhance.

CloudFlare helps in increasing website performance by accelerating load times, limiting spam, filtering malicious attacks, and blocking abusive software that otherwise wastes bandwidth and server resources. It does it by intelligently copying site content and information to servers strategically placed throughout the globe.

Matthew Prince , Co-Founder And CEO, CloudFlare quoted, “We’re excited to work with BlueHost to bring CloudFlare to their millions of customers, It couldn’t be easier; any BlueHost customer can make their site even faster and add an additional layer of security with just a few clicks from their hosting control panel.”

Brian Sargent, Sr. Product Manager, BlueHost, quoted, “We’re always striving to find the best tools in the world and then build them into our system so our clients can use them quickly and easily. CloudFlare is one of the best tools we’ve found to optimize a website. We’re sure our customers will love it.”

The basic version of CloudFlare is already integrated with the BlueHost’s hosting and can be readily activated without any cost. The user can upgrade to Premium version for $14.99/month to get additional speed enhancements, advanced security controls, and more frequent statistics.

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