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Binarly Announces Additions to Product Strategy, Leadership Team

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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Binarly Inc., providers of the industry’s first AI-powered firmware supply chain protection platform, has announced three major additions to its leadership team: cybersecurity product strategist Ryan Hurst, sales executive Robbie Robbins, and strategic advisor Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade.

Ryan Hurst (video interview) a cybersecurity industry veteran who has built products for tech giants like Google and Microsoft, joins Binarly as an advisor with a specific focus on product design, market development and strategy. Hurst brings in-depth knowledge of authentication systems, key management, and operating system security. He is renowned for his work in increasing encryption adoption on the web and various forms of cryptographic transparency on device supply chains.

“Throughout my career, one of my primary goals has been to improve security for the next generation. I am thrilled to be working with Binarly because I believe that the work they are doing aligns perfectly with that goal,” said Ryan Hurst.

Business development executive Robbie Robbins (video interview) joins the Binarly team with more than 30 years of experience in various fields, including cybersecurity, information risk management, IT compliance, and IoT/IIOT vulnerability markets.

Prior to joining Binarly, Robbins worked on the launch and growth of firmware security startup ReFirm Labs, recently acquired by Microsoft. His career includes direct sales, business development, and leadership roles at RegScale, Symantec, PGP and ThreatConnect.

Binarly is also pleased to announce the addition of Juan Andres Guerrero-Saade (video interview), currently serving as Sr Director of SentinelLabs at SentinelOne, as a strategic advisor in the areas of malware research and detection.

Guerrero-Saade’s extensive background includes co-founding a stealth startup, working as a forensics engineer tracking targeted attacks, and serving as a Senior Cybersecurity and National Security Advisor to the Government of Ecuador.

Binarly Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alex Matrosov said the addition of veteran cybersecurity practitioners will be critical to improving the company’s approach to firmware supply chain security, ultimately providing structural integrity to an underexplored facet of the security infrastructure.

“I am personally excited about the unique skills and insights each of these industry veterans will bring to the team. Their collective experience will enhance Binarly’s mission to change the landscape of firmware supply chain security and provide customers with unparalleled protection against attacks below the operating system,” Matrosov said.

About Binarly

Founded in 2021, Binarly brings decades of research experience identifying hardware and firmware security weaknesses and threats. Based in Los Angeles, California, Binarly’s agentless, enterprise-class AI-powered firmware security platform helps protect from advanced threats below the operating system. The company’s technology solves firmware supply chain security problems by identifying vulnerabilities, malicious firmware modifications and providing firmware SBOM visibility without access to the source code. Binarly’s cloud-agnostic solutions give enterprise security teams actionable insights, and reduce the cost and time to respond to security incidents.