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BHE Compression Services Offers Industry-Leading Sustainable Natural Gas Compression

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HOUSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–BHE Compression Services, a newly formed Berkshire Hathaway Energy business, will offer natural gas compression services focused on large horsepower with the patent pending technology known as CleanMachine™. CleanMachine™ technology was developed to eliminate or capture raw methane emissions and minimize combustion emissions. The technology ensures the company’s fleet has the lowest total compressor package emissions, with targeted methane intensity rates of less than 0.2%. With this performance, BHE Compression Services will become the industry leader in responsibly sourced natural gas compression services.

Industry veterans Michael Robbins and Peter Strezo, co-founders of TCB Energy Services, will serve in key leadership roles at BHE Compression Services and will work at the company’s headquarters in Houston, Texas. “We are excited to partner with Berkshire Hathaway Energy to build a new, environmentally sustainable compression company,” said Robbins, president and CEO of BHE Compression Services. “The company’s long-term focus of investing profits back into its people and businesses creates a unique opportunity to build lasting strategies, culture and relationships well into the future.”

It is an exciting time for BHE Compression Services, and we are committed to building a business that is focused on customer service, employee commitment, environmental respect, regulatory integrity, operational excellence and financial strength,” said Strezo, vice president, technology and environmental. “Being part of Berkshire Hathaway Energy expands access to knowledge, resources, suppliers and strategic partners in the areas of methane emissions reduction technologies, engineering expertise in the energy industry, cybersecurity, and pipeline operations and maintenance.”

Berkshire Hathaway Energy’s formation of the new company and investment in CleanMachine™ technology are a natural continuation of the company’s commitment to using natural resources wisely and to reducing emissions at their source. The technology will be an important asset for BHE Pipeline Group, a Berkshire Hathaway Energy business that owns and operates the largest interstate natural gas pipeline system in the U.S.

I am excited to collaborate with Mike and Pete on the launch of BHE Compression Services at a time when the industry places paramount importance not only on safe and reliable service, but also on environmentally sustainable business practices,” said Mark Hewett, president and CEO of BHE Pipeline Group. BHE Pipeline Group is an industry leader in methane emissions reduction programs as one of the first 14 members of ONE Future, a founding partner in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Natural Gas STAR methane challenge program and a partner in the EPA’s Natural Gas STAR program since 1994.

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