Better connectivity for subscribers as Huawei in discussion with Indian telcos on NB-IoT technology

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Huawei – leading provider of information and communication technologies (ICT), is getting in touch with various Indian Telcos to discuss the implementation of NB-IoT technology for better connectivity.

IoT is a major force in digital transformation era opening new windows of opportunities for both consumers and service providers. Here, ICT according to them, will emerge out as a major production factor rather than just being a support system for most of the organizations. Connectivity through mobile device will need access to faster LTE technologies.

The deployment of NB-IoT technology will also help the carriers generate new revenue streams.

Radhey Shyam Sarda, Senior Solutions Director, Huawei Telecommunication told a news portal that over 30 networks are getting globally commercialized on NB-IoT and India will also see some NB-IoT commercialization this year.

NB-IoT is a technology that suits the requirement of Low-Power Wide-Area network (LPWAN) market and extends the IoT capabilities to cover larger sections of society. With increasing times, the need for connectivity will increase and applications will require access to LPWA networks. While existing cellular technologies do not fit in this requirement due to cost, high consumption and coverage, NB-IoT is the ideal fit for it.

It supports wide coverage with multiple connections, and runs on low data rates and power consumption. It overall lowers the cost with an optimized architecture.

Approved by 3GPP, official body governing telecom standards, NB-IoT will offer three different deployment scenarios: Guard Band, Stand Alone and In Band.

Various Indian cellular firms like Bharti Airtel and Vodafone have included IoT specific offerings like smart metering, location trackers etc.

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