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Azure Time Series Insights— managed analytics service for IoT devices, now available in public preview

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Microsoft recently announced the public preview of Azure Time Series Insights (TSI), a fully managed analytics, storage and visualization service used to manage IoT time-series data in cloud.

With the rapid rise in connected devices and advances in data collection, enterprises struggle to derive insights from the data that is generated by the connected solutions isolated geographically.

Businesses need to derive insights from several events generated in near real time. If the insights get delayed, it can impact the businesses, causing significant downtime.

The time series data solutions are critical for data scientists and process engineers in various industries to perform tasks like data analysis, storage, and KPI tracking.

Hence, it is necessary for organizations to optimize their operations and gain valuable insights in near real-time to gain a competitive edge.

The Azure Time-Series Insights will make it very easier for businesses to explore and analyze a large number of events sources like IoT. It can provide a near real-time view of terabytes of data and will enable users to validate IoT solutions, so that they can avoid downtime.

Using the new service, organizations can also detect hidden trends, spot anomalies and conduct root-cause analysis, without writing a single line of code. Users can integrate the capabilities of Time-Series Insights in their existing workflow or application.

TSI stores the data in memory and SSDs for up to 400 days, so that users can access it easily. It will provide out-of-the-box visualization through the Time Series Insights Explorer.

Furthermore, it will have integration with advanced analytics and machine learning tools including Spark and Jupyter notebooks. Microsoft said that it is fully integrated with cloud gateways like Azure IoT Hub and Azure Event Hubs.

Microsoft claimed that various enterprises from varied industries like windfarms, automotive, elevators, smart building, and manufacturing have been using its analytics service since its private preview.

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“Time Series Insights and other Azure IoT services have helped companies like BMW improve operational efficiency by reducing SLAs for validating connected device installation, in some cases realizing a reduction in time from several months to as little as thirty minutes,” said Joseph Sirosh, Corporate Vice President, Artificial Intelligence & Research, Microsoft.

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