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Azure Service Fabric Mesh is out for public preview

Azure Service Fabric Mesh

Microsoft has made its Azure Service Fabric Mesh now available for public preview, following its demonstration at the Build conference 2018.

The Azure Service Fabric Mesh can be called a serverless version of Microsoft’s Azure Service Fabric. Service Fabric is a distributed systems platform for building and managing microservices and container-based apps for Windows and Linux.

Microsoft powers its core services with Service Fabric, including Skype for Business, Azure Cosmos DB, SQL Database, Dynamics 365 and more.

The new Service Fabric Mesh is a managed service for developers that allows them to deploy and operate containerized apps without managing virtual machines, storage or networking configuration.

  • Difference between Service Fabric and Service Fabric Mesh:

With Service Fabric, the developers need to create and manage the clusters and their nodes using virtual machine scale sets.

With Service Fabric Mesh, they can use Service Fabric without having to manage infrastructure like VMs, storage or network.

  • Azure Service Fabric Mesh

It supports both Windows and Linux containers, allowing developers to build apps with programming and framework of their choice.

Microsoft said that the developers will get the same enterprise-grade reliability, scalability, and mission-critical performance as they get with Service Fabric.

Developers can now deploy container-based microservice right from Azure portal or CLI (command line interface), as well as from Visual Studio 2017. The users of Visual Studio can download the Service Fabric Mesh tools for debugging and publishing their apps to the service.

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For last two months, the Azure Service Fabric Mesh was in private preview. It is now available for public preview in three Azure regions, which includes US East, US West, and Europe West. It is soon expected to be available in other regions as well.

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