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Microsoft announces general availability of Azure Event Grid

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Following the announcement of new monitoring services for Azure Site Recovery this week, Microsoft has now announced Azure Event Grid, a completely managed event routing service to simplify development of event-driven and serverless apps.

Azure Event Grid is designed for high availability and consistent performance, which will let users subscribe to all the events happening across Azure resources. Event Grid allows the apps to listen and react to events from all Azure services using Serverless offerings like Azure Logic Apps, Azure Functions with Azure Automation, as well as third-party services outside of Azure.

It scales dynamically to automatically handle millions of events per second. Event Grid simplifies the code and reduces the resource consumption by delivering the events in near-real-time through push semantics.

It includes built-in support for events with services like Blob Storage and Resource Groups, and allows the users to create their own custom events, publishing directly to service.

Azure Event Grid

Image source: Microsoft Azure

The unified event management interface in Event Grid enables ease of operation and security automation, which includes easier policy enforcement with support for Azure Automation.

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The Azure Event Grid apps can be built both on-premises and the cloud. It was available for preview since August 2017. With feedback from users, Microsoft has added the following modifications:

  • General Purpose Storage and Azure IoT Hub as new event publishers, and Azure Event Hubs as a new destination.
  • Events can be consumed easily by fetching JSON schema from schema store.
  • New Event Grid SDKs to streamline development. Management SDKs now available for Python, .Net, and Node.js. Support for Go, Ruby, and Java expected to be available soon.

The Azure Event Grid is now generally available in West US, East US, West Central US, Central US, West Europe, North Europe, Southeast Asia, and East Asia.

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