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Azure Cost Management comes to GA for pay-as-you-go and Azure Government customers

Azure Cost Management

Microsoft is bringing the capabilities of Azure Cost Management to all the Pay-As-You-Go and Azure Government customers. The company aims to improve the ability of customers to analyze and manage their cloud costs.

First announced in September 2018, the Azure Cost Management was initially available in public preview for enterprise customers. It is an offering that comes with a set of cloud cost management capabilities, aimed to help customers optimize cloud costs while maximizing cloud potential.

It provides a single and unified view of the operational and financial insights so that customers can make informed decisions. Further, Azure Cloud Management enables enterprises to implement governance policies for effective enterprise cost management. It also increases accountability with budgets and chargebacks.

In February, the company made it generally available for enterprise customers. Since then, it was available in public preview for web direct Pay-as-you-go customers and Azure Government Cloud. Now, this is generally available for them.

“These features will allow you to analyze your cost data, configure budgets to drive accountability for cloud costs, and export pre-configured reports on a schedule to support deeper data analysis within your own systems,” wrote Adam Wise, Program Manager II, Azure Intelligence, in a blog post.

“This release for Pay-As-You-Go customers also provides invoice reconciliation support in the Azure portal via a usage csv download of all charges applicable to your invoices.”

With the new announcement, Microsoft has also revealed a new feature that will allow customers to download their usage details in CSV file format. They can use this file to reconcile their charges with a monthly invoice.

Along with this, the features that are available to pay-as-you-go and Azure Government customers include Cost Analysis, Budgets, and Exports.

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These features can be tried out by logging into the Azure portal. The Government customers can do the same by logging into the Azure Government portal.

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