AWS launches IoT 1-Click app for easier deployment of Lambda functions on connected devices

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IoT 1-Click

Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched a new service called AWS IoT 1-Click, aimed at making it easier for simple devices like AWS IoT Enterprise Button and AT&T LTE-M Button to trigger AWS Lambda functions.

First announced last year at re:Invent conference, IoT 1-Click will help the companies to overcome the challenges associated with management of large number of connected devices incorporated into the operations.

IoT 1-Click will give developers a quicker access to Lambda event triggers. The Lambda triggers for simple devices can be easily created by downloading the 1-Click mobile app for Android and iOS. The app will show the list of devices preconfigured to securely connect to AWS. Select the device and choose the Lambda function required to run when device sends trigger.

Furthermore, the custom Lambda functions can also be created, to do things like start or stop a machine, remotely control home appliances, etc. As the name suggests, IoT 1-Click will allow developers to deploy the custom Lambda functions to the device just with a single click.

The reports about the deployed devices can be viewed in IoT 1-Click app, so that the utilizations and status of devices can be easily tracked. It helps the developers to know a number of important things, like how many Lambda functions have failed or which devices have low battery life.

The most common use cases of simple devices are in facilities like offices, airports, sports venues, to capture customer feedback and improve the operations. For instance, in a luxury box at a stadium, customers can press the internet connected button to rate the facilities like room cooling, seating space, cleanliness, coffee etc.

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AWS IoT 1-Click is currently available in preview with support for AWS IoT Enterprise Button and AT&T LTE-M Button. The tech giant will add support for more connected devices in future.

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