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AVer Europe: How Visualisers Can Make Remote Learning Easier for Teachers

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By Rene Buhay, VP of Sales and Marketing at AVer Europe

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–2020 was a turbulent ride for educators. Distance learning devices have quickly graduated from novelty to necessity for all educational institutions. As the need for distance learning returns in the UK for the start of 2021, we look at how a visualiser can make teachers’ lives easier.

1. Improve engagement

If you were teaching from home at any point in 2020, you will know how hard engaging remote students can be. Teachers need a powerful secret weapon to grab their attention and hold onto it for the entire class.

A plug-and-play visualiser enables you to vary your sessions with 4K images, live dissections, or step-by-step activities. Its versatility will enable you to act on creative ideas to keep the class occupied and interested.

2. Save time

Preparing for distance lessons can often prove more time-consuming. A visualiser can help with this, as many have features to improve efficiency, such as:

  • Image/Video Capture – Take a snapshot or record a step-by-step process in one class to use in another class. You can get some lesson planning done while your students are watching the recording…or take a break!
  • Playback – Review your lessons at any time to better understand your students’ behaviour, making lesson planning easier.
  • Cloud Sync – Save content directly to Google Drive ready for reuse to save time moving files around, ensuring you, colleagues or students can use them again.

3. Futureproof students’ learning

Now that education technology has proven to work in a global pandemic, we can utilise it for more common school challenges such as sickness and bad weather days.

Distance learning innovations have made it easy to take the classroom to students when flooding or snow closes a school. Teachers can continue with their lessons as planned from home, working with a whiteboard, giving demonstrations, and fielding student questions.

Prepping materials or having content readily available for substitute teachers if you are unwell is also far easier when having a visualiser at your disposal, as content is ready to go and accessed via the cloud easily.

Technology is a ready-made solution for distance learning, creating opportunities for teachers and transforming the education experience.


Alison Scarrott, brookscomm