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Atlantic.Net Upgrades VPS And Cloud Servers; Includes 1TB of Free Outbound Data Transfer

Hosting Solutions provider Atlantic.Net is now including 1TB of free outbound data transferring on its entire range of VPS & Cloud Servers, there by effectively eliminating the bandwidth costs for most VPS & Cloud Servers hosted on the its platform.

In an official blog post, Mr. Marty, CEO, Atlantic.Net said that the reason behind the move is to increase value and remove any obstacles anyone might have in trying company’s service.

Customers will now be able to send 1000 times more outbound data from their VPS and Cloud Servers at no additional cost. The inbound data transfer will continue to be free.

Atlantic.Net’s VPS and Cloud Server hosting plans start at $5.11/mo and feature Per Second Billing, 24/7 Live Support, Free Setup and Trial.

“We are excited to provide this significant additional bandwidth at no extra cost to our customers,” said Marty Puranik, President and CEO, Atlantic.Net.

“As our clients continue to require increased bandwidth, our company is paving the way for accelerated demand for VPS and Cloud Servers,” he added. For more details, click here.

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