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News Web and Mobile App Development In Version 4.5 With Prismetric

PR by Prismetric Technologies

Microsoft has been on the forefront of building a superior web and mobile application development framework. Back in 2003, the framework was modified to provide an improved support to mobile devices. Almost a decade later,Microsoft is one of the most relied upon mobile app development platforms, especially for complex enterprise applications. Prismetric Technologies is among premier web application development companies that facilitate businesses, educational institutes, charitable trusts and individuals for their app development requirements. Their developers have years of experience in developing completely customized web and mobile apps for as diverse purposes as enterprise utility, eCommerce, business portal, education, entertainment and more.

Prismetric Technologies’ team of developers and designers has worked on every version of Microsoft, including the latest release of version 4.5. Clients world over rely on the unparallel expertise of their user-experience designers who craft even the most complicated application for user-friendly use. The company has earned a repute of creating a highly intuitive user-interface for web application development. Their professional app designers create pixel-precise app design and build a user-focused app layout that makes it almost effortless to use the application for the desired outcome.

The global clientele of Prismetric Technologies place their trust in the expertise of the company when it comes to developing applications with utmost precision of functionality. Their developers and quality testing team works in tandem to detect event the minutest hitch in the app functionalities and fix it. They thoroughly check the app for multiple scenarios to ensure that there is not even the slightest of possibilities of data leak or functionality glitch. This is an extremely important aspect of apps with features such as payment, in-app shopping, member login and others, where the app requires input of sensitive information.

The unique project management system that the company has employed allows them to carry out the entire development process with high quality standards and due professionalism. Speedy and transparent communication procedure helps to implement any required changes or revisions right away.

Leveraging the power of Microsoft, Prismetric Technologies have developed dynamic applications for corporate that are a leading name in their industry. The company holds expertise in developing custom-built apps by configuring the features of 4.5 and also develops totally new functionalities to meet the specific app requirements of the client. Their experience proves to be a valuable asset for clients planning to develop web and mobile applications with advanced features and user-experience.

Prismetric Technologies is a professional web application development company having vast experience in leveraging the framework to create robust applications for web and mobile devices.

Prismetric Technologies specializes in web application development. Drawing from their expertise, developers of Prismetric build quality apps with high turn-around time. View their work samples and request for a free cost estimate on

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