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ASEOHosting To Offer European Dedicated SEO Servers

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 5, 2011 – ASEOHosting, an industry leader in providing quality SEO hosting services and domain registration to both the US and Europe, has announced that they now offer dedicated SEO servers for their European clients.

ASEOHosting has already been providing SEO hosting services for customers throughout Europe and those who prefer to host their websites on various GEO locations with different private name servers and Class C IP’s. The company has now expanded their European product and service offerings to include dedicated SEO servers. These servers allow clients to better manage larger networks as they are accompanied by a variety of Class C IP addresses from different nations.

Director of Business Development, Daniel Page said, “These servers are perfect for organizations that perform work with international SEO in mind, particularly since Google shows significant preference for sites that are hosted in the nation in which user searches are being conducted. They also contribute to an enhanced user experience because of the low latency they provide to European nations. What this means is a higher level of importance placed on our clients’ sites by the major search engines in terms of SEO.”

ASEOHosting’s dedicated server packages include root level access, 24/7 technical support, port monitoring and 99.99% network uptime SLA and are compatible with a number of operating systems. Clients also receive the benefit of being able to manage and control all of their hosting needs under a single server. This latest announcement comes on the heels of their recent addition of a web-based IP picker, further enhancing the extensive line of services they provide to their valued clients across the globe.

About ASEOHosting
ASEOHosting is a Hudson, Florida-based web hosting company owned and operated by Ahosting, Inc. ASEOHosting provides multiple IP web hosting services in an environment considered to be ideal for SEO professionals. Clients of ASEOHosting can subscribe to SEO hosting services across 400+ U.S. and 150+ European IP Class C’s, and rest assured that their provider is paying relentless attention towards other server-side factors that contribute directly to the success of their SEO campaigns.

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