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ASEOHosting Increases its Class C IP Hosting Space

ASEOHosting Increases its Class C IP Hosting Space

DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 7, 2011 – ASEOHosting has announced a major addition to their available class C IP allocation. With this development, its total of class C IP blocks available for class C IP hosting has increased to 310 in the United States and 150 in Europe.

Class C IP addresses range from to This implies that ASEOHosting can comfortably support 254 hosts on each of the company’s 2 million networks. Class C IP hosting allows webmasters to host multiple websites across unique IP addresses thus enhancing search engine optimization.

Daniel Page, Director of Business Development for ASEOHosting Inc. mentioned in his remarks that the company was proud to offer more class C IP’s with its fantastic SEO webhosting products. “This expanded address space will help our clients boost their search engine rankings and drive more traffic to their websites.” He said.

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This expansion of ASEOHosting’s IP space availability is just one of many expansions that has been planned for the coming months. In addition to more IP’s, the company will soon be offering dedicated server hosting in Europe, and a product that has been dubbed “SEO domains,” whereby domain names with existing PageRank and turnkey web sites will be made available at efficient pricing. Existing ASEOHosting clients with an intention of adding new class C IP’s can do so by logging to their billing portal.

About ASEOHosting
ASEOHosting is a Hudson, Florida-based web hosting company owned and operated by Ahosting, Inc. ASEOHosting provides multiple IP web hosting services in an environment considered to be ideal for SEO professionals. Clients of ASEOHosting can subscribe to SEO hosting services across 400+ U.S. and 150+ European IP Class C’s.

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