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As Multiple States Mandate Contact Tracing, Wisely Offers Free Solution to Restaurants

ANN ARBOR, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Wisely announced today its plans to offer restaurants free contact tracing as multiple states implement new related regulations.

Michigan and New Hampshire are two such states that have announced contact tracing requirements. The orders require restaurants and bars to collect names and phone numbers of all patrons, should they need to be informed by public health officials that someone they were near later tested positive for COVID-19.

The mandate in Michigan reads: “All dine-in food service establishments must maintain accurate records of the names and phone numbers of patrons who purchase food for consumption on the premises, and the date and time of entry.”

Wisely, a restaurant software company serving more than 2,500 locations nationwide, has developed an easy-to-use system to help restaurants stay compliant, while also growing the brand’s opt-in contact database.

Wisely explains that the new system is a simple QR Code linked to a form and Wisely’s CRM.

“Restaurants display a QR Code that guests scan on their mobile device and then enter their details into a pop-up form,” says Mike Vichich, CEO of Wisely. “Each guest’s details are stored securely in Wisely’s CRM should restaurants need to segment by time of visit and export those contacts.”

“We’ve seen incredible innovation, ingenuity, and resilience across the restaurant industry these last several months. Anything we can do to help our clients or other restaurants pivot as regulations change—we’re all in,” Vichich adds.

Wisely’s contact tracing solution is being offered free to current and new customers, through December 2021. The service can be set up in less than 24 hours. Any marketing opt-ins collected by restaurants can later be leveraged via Wisely’s Marketing Automation solution, which requires a contract and a monthly fee.

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