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Apprentice Now and University of Phoenix Celebrate an Education Experience That Exemplifies the Immense Benefits That Apprenticeships Provide to Both Students and Employers

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Highlighting program graduate success during National Apprenticeship Week

PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)–During National Apprenticeship Week, alongside the University of Phoenix, Apprentice Now celebrates the success story of Dustin Guichet, a student whose apprenticeship experience underscores the myriad benefits for employers and apprentices alike. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, apprenticeships offer a proven track record of retention and lifetime earning advantage with access to hundreds of occupations in high growth as well as emerging industries. An alternate career pathway of apprenticeship to college credit and degrees focuses on job skills rather than degree requirements and provides companies with a practical method to attract and retain diverse talent.

“In the evolving landscape of workforce development, the apprenticeship model stands out as a foundational strategy for sustainable growth,” states Kyle Farnsworth, President of Apprentice Now.

After eight years of honorable military service and a decade in sales, Guichet shares that he yearned for a new challenge. He found interest in software development and began self-teaching with available online resources—a learning method that quickly proved insufficient to get him to his desired level of expertise. He did a software development bootcamp at what is now Apprentice Now, afterwards beginning an apprenticeship at Infosys. The mentor-led apprenticeship model spurred a love of mentorship and learning, leading him to the University of Phoenix, which accepted his bootcamp, apprenticeship, and military education as credits towards his undergraduate. To this day, Guichet deeply values his relationship with his mentors, and is now pursuing his master’s degree.

Apprenticeships are more than just training programs; they are, as Guichet puts it, “a literal incubation chamber for your ideal employees.” This model allows employers to pick trusted mentors to replicate their values and skills, shaping apprentices into integral members of the company family. It is this ethos that drives companies like Apprentice Now and institutions like University of Phoenix to champion the apprenticeship model as a core pillar of talent development.

“Transforming and expanding talents skills is critical to an organization’s growth,” states Raghu Krishnaiah, chief operating officer of University of Phoenix. “We are proud to see our apprenticeship collaborations like with Apprentice Now bring individual success. These collaborations provide a framework for a clear pathway from registered apprenticeship programs to associate and bachelor’s degrees as well as skills development for worker mobility opportunities within a company.”

Guichet’s journey illuminates the apprenticeship advantage. His structured learning experience was not merely on-the-job training; it counted as credits toward a four-year degree at the University of Phoenix, further enhancing his education and career trajectory. This synergy between practical training and academic advancement sets a benchmark for what apprenticeships can achieve.

The value for employers is equally compelling. Research and data advocate for apprenticeships as a means to create a more motivated and satisfied workforce, with companies observing an 80% increase in employee retention​​. Apprenticeships, therefore, are not just investments in human capital but also in the financial and operational health of a company. They reduce turnover, save costs, and create a pipeline of loyal, skilled workers who are well-versed in the company culture and objectives​.

Apprentice Now and the University of Phoenix are at the forefront of this educational revolution, providing flexible, cost-effective, and impactful pathways for candidates like Dustin to excel and, in turn, give back to the community as mentors and leaders. Dustin’s transition from apprentice to mentor at NorthShore Robotics exemplifies the cyclical benefit of apprenticeships, where today’s learners become tomorrow’s leaders.

With the support of organizations like Apprentice Now and the University of Phoenix, apprenticeships are within reach, offering significant benefits to students and employers alike.

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