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Apple adopts the AI move, introduces new machine learning API framework

Apple adopts the AI move, introduces new machine learning API framework

Apple, in its recently concluded annual Worldwide Developers Conference 2017 (WWDC), announced major product development and technology adoptions by the company.

They covered company’s key product areas like iPhones, MacBooks, and IOS to implementation of technologies like Machine learning to improve user experience.

Apple, like many other big IT players, is headed towards bringing AI and machine learning capabilities to user’s systems and mobile devices. With this, soon iPhone, iPad and Apple watch users will see faster tasks execution and improved device usability with the implementation of AI technology.

For attaining this, the company unveiled its new machine learning framework API – Core ML, for developers.

The core function of this would be to speed up AI execution task, which can vary from simple text analysis to voice and face recognition. The technology will make image recognition on iPhone six-times faster than on Google’s Pixel, says Apple. With AI technology, voice recognition systems like Siri will be able to better understand the user demand and speak with a natural output.

The Core ML will support several machine learning tools with a primary focus on privacy. This means the data used for improving user experience will be processed and kept on device only.

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are the technologies in focus these days by many big firms like Google, Microsoft and Facebook. Google and Facebook introduced new AI server designs earlier in March 2017 with an objective to facilitate faster server responses.

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With companies continuously moving towards AI technologies, no sooner Google’s perception of an AI-first world will stand true.

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