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DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 29, 2011 – AppAssure Software, the global leader and award-winning developer of unified backup and replication software for virtual, physical and cloud environments, announced yesterday the introduction of its Live RecoveryTM, Assured Recovery TM and Universal Recovery TM technologies. The AppAssure backup and replication software starts at $899 USD.

Highlights of these latest innovations in data protection and disaster recovery are:


• Live RecoveryTM technology: Instant restore for virtual and physical servers, offering near-zero downtime and allowing users to work in real-time during a full restore.
• Assured RecoveryTM technology: Automatic testing and verification for recoverability of every backup on any virtual or physical machine.
• Universal RecoveryTM technology: Cross-platform restore of data volumes from anywhere to anywhere, physical to virtual, virtual to virtual, virtual to physical or physical to physical (P2V, V2V or V2P, P2P) including bare metal recovery to dissimilar hardware. Also includes granular object-level recovery with application-item and file-level restore.

Only with the Live Recovery technology do users have full access instantly to their mission-critical applications and data during an actual total server recovery, without waiting hours or days until the volume is fully restored.

According to David Wertz, President of PC Works Plus, Inc., a managed service provider, “Recently we recovered a failed Exchange server on which we had AppAssure, and from the time it failed to when the client was back up and running was less than one hour. Creating the virtual image took 45 minutes and then in 15 minutes, we got the virtual machine fully running.”

Universal Recovery’s cross-platform recovery with the granular recovery capability mitigates the many risks when users accidentally delete important emails or when scripts incorrectly update records. Now IT administrators can restore a full backup to any virtual machine (VM) or to dissimilar hardware in a matter of minutes, and also be able to instantly recover any granular application-items, files or message-level objects quickly from within a backup archive.

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“After listening to our customers and partners for years, we have developed truly innovative technologies for virtual, physical and cloud environments to ensure that customers can recover instantly and be sure that their backups are recoverable.” said Najaf Husain, AppAssure’s President and CEO. “The launch of these technologies fortifies AppAssure’s reputation as an industry pioneer and extends our lead in backup and recovery industry.”

About AppAssure
Appassure is a global leader in complete server, data and application protection, for virtual, physical and cloud infrastructures. It delivers customer-proven backup and replication software that assures the recovery of applications in minutes.

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