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Anyone with $100/mo can setup a ‘hosting company’. Running one properly takes a lot more. – Artyom Khmelnitsky, AYKsolutions.

Anyone with $100/mo can setup a ‘hosting company’. Running one properly takes a lot more.  – Artyom Khmelnitsky, AYKsolutions.

Very recently, we covered AYKsolutions’ launch of Linux VPS Hosting with Unmetered Bandwidth at its Chicago Datacenter on our portal. There couldn’t be any news more exciting to mark the beginning of 2013. Why?

With most Linux VPS hosting plans, customers receive a fixed allocation of bandwidth per month. A sword looms over their head 24/7 because if they begin serving content with large file sizes or if the number of visitors increases then restrictive bandwidth allowances may be exceeded thus leading to an additional fee charged by the hosting provider. AYKsolutions’ newly launched Linux VPS Hosting offers a way out. With unmetered Linux VPS hosting plans, an individual can use his virtual server to its full potential without being hit with unexpected fees and they can rely on a regular, consistent hosting cost.

Such a hosting plan is supposed to get phenomenal feedback. And we were curious if it did. So we reached out to the company regarding the same and many other recent developments they’ve had recently. So, without further ado, over to the President of the company himself, Mr. Artyom Khmelnitsky!

Anyone with $100/mo can setup a ‘hosting company’. However, to run one properly takes a lot more.

– Artyom Khmelnitsky, President, AYKsolutions.

Q : What is your name and position with AYKsolutions?

A: Artyom Khmelnitsky, President and Founder of AYKsolutions.

Q : Please tell our readers briefly about AYKsolutions.

A: AYKsolutions is built on the belief that personalized and high level of support, backed by solid infrastructure is the key to a successful business. We treat every client, big or small, with the same level of respect and professionalism as we would treat ourselves. Small things matter and I think our clients can back us up on that.

Q : Can you tell us about various datacenter locations where AYKsolutions offers hosting services?

A: We offer services on 4 different continents. We currently have a number of locations in the United States, Europe, Australia, Singapore, and soon Hong Kong. We also just recently launched our Vienna, Austria facility and a facility in Prague will be coming soon.

Q: How have AYKsolutions’ customers responded to the recent launch of Linux VPS hosting with unmetered bandwidth? Also, is AYKsolutions planning to add new datacenter locations in the coming months?

A: We have received a fantastic level of feedback after our recent unmetered VPS promotion. There aren’t too many truly unmetered VPS providers out there, so we are hoping to become a larger player in that niche of the market. We are always expanding and will be sending out some new releases that will describe the new facilities.

Q: Your website has a unique announcements section with a forum where anybody can register for active discussions. This is not available on any of the other hosting company websites. What was the idea behind this forum?

A: The idea is a simple one, to let customers and visitors interact with our staff and each other. But perhaps more importantly, it’s used as an ever expanding knowledge base. We hope that people searching for answers relating to the hosting sector will find our forum and use it to their advantage.

Q: 2012 was a year rife with mergers and acquisitions in the hosting industry. There was also the growth of various newbie hosting companies budding day by day. How do you see the future of the web hosting industry in 2013?

A: I believe it will be more or less the same as it always has been. There will always be mergers, perhaps not as many as the economy starts to turn around and smaller businesses can survive. There will also be small start ups. That’s something that will always be a part of the hosting sector. The barriers to entry are virtually nonexistent, so anyone with $100/mo can setup a ‘hosting company’. However, to run one properly takes a lot more. Some make it and some don’t.

Visit the company’s website at

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