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10 announcements by Cisco at Cisco Live to empower partners and customers

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Cisco unveils an impressive array of cutting-edge technologies and product advancements aimed at revolutionizing the networking, security, collaboration, and optimized applications landscape during Cisco Live 2023 which is being held at Las Vegas, Nevada. The annual event was kicked off on the 4th of June and will continue till June 8, 2023.

In the face of significant technological advancements, Cisco continues to introduce innovative solutions across its portfolio and partner ecosystem, enabling customers and partners to seize the upcoming opportunities.

Innovations to help customers overcome challenges

With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Cisco reveals its strategic vision of providing a more unified experience by accelerating its transition to platforms and cloud-based solutions, streamlining its product portfolio in the process.

According to the recent Cisco State of Global Innovation report, an overwhelming 85% of IT professionals have voiced their preference for simplicity in their IT systems. Eager to address this crucial requirement, Cisco unveils a range of new technologies that prioritize user-friendly experiences and streamlined operations. Here are the key innovations announced:

  1. Cisco Networking Cloud: The introduction of the Cisco Networking Cloud vision promises a game-changing experience by offering a single platform for managing all networking domains seamlessly. With its core emphasis on simplification, this intelligent platform aims to eliminate silos, proactively manage networks, ensure peak performance, and reduce human workload.
  2. Cisco Security Enhancements: Cisco Secure Access, a Security Service Edge (SSE) solution, takes center stage with its frictionless access across various locations, devices, and applications via a unified platform. Additionally, the Secure Firewall 4200 empowers users with seamless connectivity both in the office and on the go. The Cisco Multicloud Defense solution leads the way in providing robust security measures for any environment.
  3. Cloud Native Application Security: Panoptica, an offering from Cisco, has been enhanced to deliver comprehensive cloud native application lifecycle protection. From code development to production runtime, Panoptica ensures robust security in today’s distributed and multicloud environments.
  4. Full-Stack Observability (FSO): Cisco’s FSO Platform, now generally available, enables customers to develop and expand a resilient application ecosystem based on an open and extensible architecture. This platform offers unique use cases in a single, user-friendly model. Moreover, the integration between AppDynamics and ThousandEyes closes observability gaps, providing actionable recommendations and invaluable insights for monitoring customer digital experiences.
  5. Generative AI-powered Security and Hybrid Work Capabilities: Cisco’s Webex gains powerful generative AI-powered summarization capabilities, boosting productivity and elevating customer experiences. Furthermore, Cisco Security Cloud leverages advanced AI capabilities to simplify policy management, enhance threat response, and eliminate complexities.

Cisco’s latest offering, the Room Bar Pro, equipped with an incredibly powerful processor, is purpose-built to support AI capabilities for hybrid workspaces, catering to the diverse needs of customers in their everyday work environments.

Propelling partner and customer innovations

Cisco introduces a series of groundbreaking offerings designed to address the core challenges faced by its valued customers and partners. These innovations not only empower organizations but also unlock their potential to create and deliver cutting-edge solutions using Cisco’s renowned platforms and technologies.

These are:

  1. The Cisco Stadium: At the heart of entertainment, Cisco showcases its role in powering seamless fan experiences in stadiums worldwide. Attendees can partake in a referee simulation game and explore the utilization of instant replay technology, enabling them to “make the call” themselves.
  2. Autonomous Living Project: In collaboration with Ignite Technology, Launchcode, the Country Digital Acceleration Program (CDA), and Cisco Innovation Labs, Cisco is turning the dream of independent living into a reality for individuals with diverse abilities. Visitors will embark on an interactive home tour, witnessing how smart technology fosters independent living.
  3. Smart Building Technology: Cisco and Schneider Electric join forces to offer an innovative solution aimed at providing building owners and facility managers with enhanced visibility and control over energy, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. This partnership aims to optimize energy usage, reduce carbon emissions, and promote sustainability in the buildings sector.

These exciting showcases at Cisco Live demonstrate how it is driving innovation, collaboration, and sustainability across various industries. By enabling its customers and partners to harness the power of Cisco’s advanced technologies and platforms, the company is fostering a vibrant ecosystem of creativity and growth.

Delivering sustainability and AI solutions

In response to the growing demand for sustainable and energy-efficient technology options, Cisco is doubling down on its commitment to deliver solutions that prioritize sustainability and enable customers to achieve their environmental goals. Recognizing sustainability as a crucial business imperative, Cisco focuses on enhancing product energy efficiency, adopting circular economy principles, and developing innovative products and solutions that empower customers to accelerate their sustainability initiatives.

  1. Tools for Sustainability: Cisco, alongside its partners, will emphasize its role in assisting customers in making significant progress towards their sustainability objectives. By leveraging collaborative partnerships and drawing upon its expertise, Cisco aims to provide customers with the tools and support needed to drive positive environmental change and build a sustainable future.
  2. Implementing AI: In addition to its sustainability efforts, Cisco has long been a pioneer in harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI) across various domains such as networking, security, and collaboration. With a rich history of implementing AI in enterprise deployments, Cisco has successfully deployed intelligent networks, bolstered cybersecurity measures, enhanced customer sales and support processes, and even developed chatbots and hybrid work tools.

Continuing its AI leadership, Cisco aims to unveil a new generation of potent generative AI technology at Cisco Live 2023. This breakthrough innovation promises to revolutionize organizational productivity and simplify work processes, empowering the workforce to achieve more in less time.

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