An Interview With Mr.Usman Arshad, Director of Business Development at HostDime

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DailyHostNews just interviewed Usman Arshad ,Director of Business at HostDime. Have a look what all he has to say about HostDime services and offerings.

Q : What is your name and position HostDime?

A : My name is Usman Arshad, and I am the Director of Business Development at I’ve been with the company for the last seven years and my main responsibilities are to manage a majority of the Business Operations for HostDime.

Q : Tell us in brief about the HostDime?

A: HostDime is a global hosting provider that was founded back in 2001. We offer all platforms of hosting from shared, reseller, VPS, Dedicated Servers, and Colocation. Our headquarters are in Orlando, FL where we own and operate our own state-of-the-art datacenter. Along with a major presence in the United States, we have great global presence in Latin America, Europe, and Asia as well. We have our own offices and datacenter services in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, and in India.

Q : Why you have chosen the brand name as HostDime?

A: Our main focus is on offering affordable and quality hosting services, and this is a reflection of our brand name. We started off by offering shared and reseller hosting before offering VPS, dedicated and colocation with our own facility. The quality of service we provide to our customers has resulted in aggressive growth the last several years, and allowed us to become one of the very few datacenters in the world that is able to offer managed hosting services at all levels, whether it is shared hosting, or dedicated server hosting.

Q : Tell us the milestones that the company has reached in past 5 years?

A: HostDime has looked to expand its brand globally, and this is where we’ve achieved much success, especially in Latin America. HostDime Brazil started in 2006, and fast forward to 2012 where we are one of the premier hosting providers in the region with two offices and our own facilities. We have also expanded into Europe by offering HostDime UK due to a demand in hosting over there, and offer services in the Netherlands as well. Our goal is to have hosting available to the EU within the next several months. We took our first step into Asia with the launch of HostDime India in 2010, and this market has seen tremendous growth in the last two years, setting us up to be one of the top hosting companies in all of Asia. Along with being a pioneer in global hosting, we’ve invested a lot of time and resources towards in-house development. Our CORE Management Portal was developed in-house and allows our dedicated server customers to manage all aspects of their servers within a single portal. We also have our own proprietary server monitoring system which allows us to monitor our customer services 24/7 and take action when anything irregular is detected without any intervention from our clients. With these systems, our clients lives become easier and their hosting experience is superior on multiple levels.

Q : How HostDime distinguishes itself from the other hosting providers?

A : HostDime has always based the foundation of quality hosting, with quality service. Our customers can reach us 24/7 through multiple channels such as phone, ticket system, and live chat and every HostDime employee they interact with goes through hours of training to ensure that they provide a superior level of customer service, and are able to resolve our clients’ issues in the shortest amount of time possible. This has also extended into our international markets where we offer true global hosting, not just by having a facility to keep servers in. Our employees in our international branches offer support in native languages for those locations, making our customers feel right at home. There are many hosting providers out there that claim to be global hosting companies, but we are the pioneer in true global hosting and cater to our customers needs in all of our markets to create a true international hosting experience.

Q : How you see the future of web hosting industry & HostDime?

A: The hosting industry is growing very rapidly, and you’ll see the term eco-friendly hosting being used in many different ways. We as a datacenter have invested in more energy efficient servers, as a way of maintaining our commitment towards using only environmental-friendly solutions. In the near future, we’ll be taking on more green initiatives that keep us as an environmental-friendly host.

Q : Are there any current offers at HostDime that you want to tell us?

A : We are always running promotions to present our clients with the best hosting offers out there, and I would encourage anyone to follow our website and social media outlets such as twitter (@hostdime) for the latest in specials. In the coming months, we’ll be presenting a couple new solutions for our US client base, and our global expansion will continue as there are a few new markets we have been researching in the last year or so. This is an exciting period in hosting, and our company as well. We are growing very quickly and we will continue to offer our clients the latest and best solutions at an affordable price.

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