An Interview with Mr Igor Seletskiy,CEO,

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DAILYHOSTNEWS just interviewed Igor Seletskiy, CEO, Have a look what all he has to say about CloudLinux services & offerings.

1. Tell us something about yourself and your position in Cloud Linux Inc.

I founded Cloud Linux Inc. two and a half years ago. I run day to day operations, decide on overall strategy, work with developers and talk to customers.

2. Give an overview about your company, its origin and services?

Prior to CloudLinux, I spent 12 years creating automation and control panel software for shared hosting. I knew a lot about the market and its needs. While I spent a lot of time automating hosting, I have seen all the hosting companies battling the issues related to stability and security. It was an inherent problem in shared hosting, where you would have a server with hundreds of users, that has never been vetted, and tat can run any code they wish. I knew the industry could do better, and that is the goal of CloudLinux.

3. What do you offer which is unique to your company?

CloudLinux OS drastically improves stability and security of shared hosting. We eliminate bad neighbour effect, by creating lightweight virtual environment for each customer. This environment prevents a customer from misbehaviour – be it using too many resources, or trying to hack into the server or another user account. The OS is based on RHEL, and for people running CentOS or RHEL it is just one easy script to convert their existing, production servers into CloudLinux.

4. What is the most exciting as well as challenging part of your business?

I have to say that seeing adoption of a CloudLinux OS – a new Linux distribution growing every day is the most exciting part. When we started, it was hard to find people willing to entertain the idea of a new Linux distribution. Yet, today – CloudLinux OS is well accepted by the industry, and companies recognize that it is the OS to run for shared hosting.

5. What is your take on eco-friendly hosting?

Anything “eco-friendly” must be good :) I think that in majority of the cases it is nothing more than a marketing gimmick, yet I am glad that many people recognize the importance of being eco-friendly and willing to work towards that end.

6. Where do you see Cloud Linux Inc. in next 5 years?

In 5 years, CloudLinux should become dominant OS for the shared hosting market, displacing CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. Our concentration on the industry needs should deliver solution that will make life of shared hosting companies much easier.

7. Is there anything new you are coming up with to offer to potential customers

Today many end users are forced to upgrade to VPS because they use “too much”, or they have minor needs (like memcache or custom version of php) that cannot be satisfied by shared host. Yet, when upgrading to VPS, customers have to pay for additional software (control panel, backup, etc..), as well as act as sys admins: monitor logs, make sure server is secure and software updated, etc… This is too much to ask someone who just wants a website. We are working on semi-private IP stack that will augment CPU and memory limits as well as our virtualized per customer file system (CageFS) – and that should allow to blur the line between VPS and shared hosting. Many customers on shared hosting will be able to just upgrade to get more resources, or to run software like memcache.

This would provide more natural upgrade path and higher satisfaction rates for shared hosting customers as they wouldn’t have to jump to VPS. At the same time it should deliver easier upgrade procedures and better profit margins for shared hosting providers.

CEO @ Cloud Linux Inc

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