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An Interview with Mr. Greg Raileanu, founder and CEO of Noction

An Interview with Mr. Greg Raileanu, founder and CEO of Noction

Daily Host News had an opportunity to talk with CEO, founder of Noction. We present to our visitors Mr. Greg Raileanu, brain behind the idea of rock and roll hosting. Here he talks about various aspects of his interesting job and how it began.

Q : What is your name and position at Noction?

A : My name is Greg, I`m the founder and CEO. I`m working with our technical team on product development, and talk to prospects and customers.

Q : Tell us in brief about the Noction?

A: Noction`s flagship product – Intelligent Routing Platform was developed to automate BGP network optimisation routine. Being a product for Content Providers – hosting companies are our main customers. Prior to Noction, I`ve worked 7 years in Remsys – an infrastructure management company. During my work in Remsys, I`ve noticed that companies spend lot of time and resources on network optimization and lose money because of unplanned downtime and network outages.

Q : Why you have chosen the brand name as Noction?

A: That’s a work play. The name is composed from two parts – NOC from Network Operation Center and tion from action – networks being dynamic.

Q : Tell us the milestones that the company has reached in past 5 years?

A: The company was started in 2010 and released its first stable product version at the end of 2011. Our next important milestone is to get customer trust, as our product is operating in the heart of their business – their networks. We cannot afford mistakes or failures.

Q : How Noction distinguish itself from the other service providers?

A : Our existing competitors are big, over-sized public companies, with many products and business directions. On the opposite side, our team is small and agile, we are very flexible and focused only on network optimization.

Q : How you see the future of industry?

A: Consumers are collectively forcing network operators to reinvent themselves. The networks must evolve to deliver the services, features, and high-quality experience that customers demand.

Q : Are there any current offers at Noction that you want to tell us?

A : Since we are hardly working to bring new early adopters on-board, we have very great pricing available for anyone willing to give it a try.

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