An Interview With Mr. Emil Sayegh, President and CEO Of Codero

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DailyHostNews had an opportunity to have a word with Emil Sayegh, President and CEO of Codero on Smart Servers, Company’s newly launched powerful hosting platform. Have a look what all he has to say about Smart Servers .

Q : What is your name and position in Codero ?

A : Emil Sayegh; President and CEO. Profiles here: and

Q : Tell us in brief about the Smart Servers ?

A: Codero Smart Servers are an innovative and powerful hosting platform that naturally merges the best capabilities of dedicated server and cloud computing technologies. The great thing about Smart Servers is that they give customers complete control over their dedicated server environment, while enabling them to deploy dedicated server resources automatically in minutes. One-hour resource deployments are impressive, but the ability to instantly deploy additional dedicated server resources, without migration hassles, changes the game completely and gives customers a significant advantage. This access to on-demand, dedicated server resources gives customers ultimate flexibility, security, and performance of their hosted platform.

Q : Why you have chosen the Product name as Smart Servers ?

A: The name was selected carefully to indicate the unique automation and scaling capabilities that these dedicated servers give to customers. The name was meant to differentiate them from traditional Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers. These Smart Servers have entrenched virtualization capabilities that bridge both Cloud and Dedicated server environments, allowing for automated and rapid installation, seamless upgrades, and scaling of dedicated resources in just minutes.

Q : What technology is used in deploying Smart servers ?

A: The innovation is really in the orchestration layer, which is built by the Codero Engineering team. From a virtualization technology perspective, we are using the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) virtualization platform, as it is one of the most advanced, stable, and future proof hypervisors available.

Q : How Smart Servers proves to be different from other servers?

A :

  • Fast, Automated Installations: With Smart Servers, customers can be online almost instantly. All Codero Smart Servers are ready to automatically deploy in minutes.
  • Rapid Scale: Quickly upgrade hardware, migrate data, and add new resources as you need them.
  • Secure: Servers are 100% dedicated, so customers get 100% exclusive use of all resources, and there is no risk of data integrity issues.

Q : What is the most distinguishing feature of Smart Servers?

A: Powerful dedicated servers can be online in minutes vs. hours, or even days, as is the case with other hosting providers.

Q : What is the future of Smart Servers ?

A : The innovation behind Smart Servers is redefining what dedicated hosting means for customers and how they use it. It will continue to evolve of course, as this is an integral component of our maturing, on-demand, hybrid hosting platform strategy. Our hybrid hosted solutions, which Smart Servers are part of, are ideal for businesses that want their IT solutions to be more flexible and adaptive, ultimately making them more competitive in the market. The future of Smart Servers is to have much more integration with other Codero Cloud, and Dedicated instances to provide customers with the ability to spin up any of those resources on-demand and in a way where they all work together on one network.

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