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An Interview With Bryan Goode – Infratel’s CEO

An Interview With Bryan Goode – Infratel’s CEO

DailyHostNews just interviewed Bryan Goode, CEO, Infratel. Have a look what all he has to say about Infratel and its new offering – MightyCall.

Q : What is your name and position with Infratel?

A : Bryan Goode, CEO

Q : Tell us in brief about Infratel and the services provided by the company?

A: Infratel creates cloud based virtual phone services that help entrepreneurs, startups, and well established small or virtual businesses build a professional phone presence.

MightyCall’s virtual phone services include MightyCall Receptionist, a solution that allows a small business to establish a professional phone presence as well as MightyCall ClickConnect for websites, a service where website visitors can speak with a company representative with a single click of a button from a web enabled device.

Q : We came to know about your upcoming service named as “Mighty Call”. Can you tell us more about it?

A : MightyCall is a platform that enables web hosters and cloud service providers to cost-effectively offer virtual phone services to their SOHO customers. Purpose-built to meet the needs of service providers, MightyCall initially includes out of the box integration with Parallels Automation, and a public API that enables support for third party billing and provisioning systems.

Q : How does Infratel distinguish itself from the other similar products on the market?

A : There are two main differences between Infratel and our competitors. First off, the MightyCall platform is focused on the channel. This Go To Market strategy and the platform behind it is fundamentally different than what others offer. Secondly, our ClickConnect technology enhances our solution set and makes our virtual phone services directly relevant to cloud service providers. This gives us the advantage of pairing up with the first technology purchase for a small business (the website) and then growing our relationship over time with additional offerings.

Q : What do you see as the future of Infratel and Mighty Call?

A: Infratel sees a great future in providing affordable, easy to use solutions for small business telephony needs. Infratel has plans to continue to enhance the offerings provided through the MightyCall platform so that channel partners can take advantage of multiple offerings available through a single integration.

To help fulfill this mission, Infratel acquired RTC Lab, a company that specializes in developing real-time web based communication and telephony services. This acquisition follows Infratel’s recent Series A funding. RTC’s technology has helped bolster the MightyCall platform and moving forward, it will benefit the company in executing on its plan to further expand its technology offerings, in addition to increasing its developer team, and growing its partner network.

MightyCall plans to continue to build out its MightyCall platform providing mission critical, cloud-based offerings for small businesses and SOHOs as they continue to grow and have more sophisticated needs. These future offerings will include call queue, marketing, and call center capabilities.

Q : How will users be benefit from using “Mighty Call”?

A: According to AMI Research, SMBs are expected to spend over $34 billion in cloud services by the end of the year – 46% of that will be funneled through service providers. With MightyCall, service providers can capitalize on this opportunity by adding website click-to-call and small business virtual phone systems to their current portfolio of offerings. Likewise, the application platform provides the flexibility to add one or all of MightyCall’s solutions to a given bundle. This ‘one stop shop’ approach fosters a long term, multi-product relationship whereby hosters can offer MightyCall services that yield recurring revenue and lower customer churn.

For the ultimate end user, the SOHO business – MightyCall solutions offer an affordable, easy to use, self-service solution for managing inbound phone calls and turning a bunch of existing mobile phones into a effective small business phone system. With MightyCall services there is no new equipment to buy and no need to change the way business is done. MightyCall extends the ability of the small business to compete with not only a professional phone presence but also the ability to scale and interact with customers through new channels like the web.

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