An Infographic: 99.9% of Domains That Have Six or More Characters Available on the .net Domain

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Today, being on the Internet is becoming increasingly important for anyone who thinks of owning a business. The Internet opens up a new world for start-ups, savvy businessman or smart entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the opportunity to spread their business globally.

After deciding the business model, the next thing on the agenda is to finalise an interesting name for the business so that it can be easily searched by people and at the same time, relates to the nature of the business. And then follows the urge to acquire an Internet domain name for the company at the earliest.

For people with innovative business ideas, there are millions of possibilities for the website to be hosted on the world’s best domains, such as .com and .net – yes, it is not as difficult as one thinks to get the name they want for their website! If a business should have an identity online, one can simply choose the domains that help them get that recognition which will define their presence on internet. .com and .net domain names are among the most recognized on the internet.

While .com is a great option and the most sought after for businesses across the world, .net is a rising alternative especially for entrepreneurs building their businesses online. Here’s why: it allows businesses to

  • Be authentic by aligning the business with a domain that is widely recognized.
  • Be confident with a domain that has been connecting businesses and customers online with 100% reliability, availability and security for over 15 years.
  • Be recognizable by choosing the name the owner really wants on a best-in-class domain.

But fret not: the .net names are not all gone! Today, 99.9% of domains that have six or more characters are available on the .net domain. The following infographic illustrates this:

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