América Móvil and Telxius to bridge the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans through next-generation submarine cable

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América Móvil and Telxius have announced that the deployment of an ultrahigh capacity subsea cable connection between Guatemala and the U.S. It is part of the ongoing commitment of the two largest telecommunication groups in Latin America to revolutionize global communications, Telxius being a company controlled by Telefónica.

This is named as AMX3 by América Móvil and Tikal by Telxius. This subsea cable will be the highest capacity undersea cable connecting Puerto Barrios (Guatemala) to Boca Raton (U.S.), with an additional possible landing in Cancun (Mexico). Featuring an initial estimated capacity of 190 Tbps, the cable serves a key route in the Caribbean with premium levels of service, security, and reliability. The current supply contract is in force already with ASN and offers ability to increase the capacity and to incorporate additional branching units to serve other destinations.

For América Móvil, this is a new step in building one of the broadest subsea networks in the Americas, providing capacity through over 197 thousand km of submarine cables, involving the AMX-1 submarine cable that extends 18,300 km and connects the U.S. to Central and South America with 13 landing points. Also, the South Pacific Submarine Cable extends 7,300 km along the Latin American Pacific coast, connecting Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, and Chile with five landing points. Both systems ensure international connectivity to all of their subsidiaries in these geographic areas.

For Telxius, Tikal is the 7th new next-generation cable to complete its network since 2018 in addition to Brusa, Tannat, Mistral, Marea, Junior, and Dunant. This means a robust set of multiterabit, new next-generation subsea cables fully serving the Americas and Europe while also enhancing Telxius traditional routes. In total, Telxius will have an 82,000 km network designed to connect the main digital data hubs on both sides of the Atlantic.

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