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Amazon’s AI-based image recognition technology now available to Australian developers

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Amazon Web Services announced availability of Amazon Rekognition in Asia Pacific (Sydney) region.

Amazon Rekognition is a deep learning based technology that can analyze images and video files stored in Amazon S3. The technology makes it easier for developers to add image and video analysis in applications.

Rekognition can identify objects (bike, telephone, building), people, text, scenes (parking lot, beach, city), activities (playing soccer), and detect the inappropriate content as well.

Its availability in Sydney will enable more developers to leverage the Rekognition and add visual analysis to the application they build.

AWS had announced Rekognition at its re:Invent conference in November last year along with a number of new services, including a deep-learning based wireless video camera called DeepLens, and a machine-learning based managed service called Amazon SageMaker.

The Rekognition is a pre-trained AI solution which doesn’t require developers to build deep learning algorithms, or train machine learning models. Hence, they can easily build new generation of applications that can accurately analyze face, compare faces for user verification, count people, etc.

The facial analysis can determine the attributes of faces in images or videos, like emotions, age range, facial hair, eyes open, glasses, etc. If a celebrity is detected in the image or video, it can tell the name.

It offers real-time recognition of faces for live stream videos (even when they are partially hidden from view), and accurately detect thousands of activities and objects from videos streams and video content.

Australian customers have played a key role in the evolution of our services over the past five years, providing feedback to help us develop thousands of new features and service updates to meet their needs. These have included innovation in security, compute, analytics, serverless computing, and the internet of things,” said Paul Migliorini, Managing director, AWS Australia and New Zealand. 

Additionally, Amazon Rekognition can detect and recognize text from images, like captions, product names, street names, etc.

“More recently, Australian customers are using AWS machine learning and artificial intelligence services to further accelerate innovation and competitive advantage, and the availability of Amazon Rekognition in the AWS Sydney region will support this acceleration,” added Paul Migliorini

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