Amazon and Salesforce planning to move away from Oracle database

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Amazon seems to have made some progress toward open source database technology and is likely to stop preferring Oracle database software soon.

On Tuesday, The Information said that along with AWS, Salesforce too is venturing away from Oracle. AWS and Salesforce have been using Oracle’s software for a long time, since it was one of the limited series options to build web-scale cloud computing business.

Last month, Oracle CTO Larry Ellison was asked if customers were moving away from their database, and this is what he replied- “Let me tell you who’s not moving off of Oracle, a company you’ve heard of that gave us another $50 million this last — this quarter to buy Oracle Database and other Oracle technologies. That company is Amazon. They’re not moving off of Oracle. Salesforce isn’t moving off of Oracle.”

Amazon had been trying to get rid of Oracle since 2004 when a database migration outage happened, and Amazon faced some downtime. Ellison’s statement might have added fuel to the fire.

The anonymous sources stated that Salesforce and AWS are developing their own database software. Salesforce is developing a new database called Sayonara while AWS might move toward open-source technology- NoSQL.

Oracle is supporting many major cloud providers with its database technology, and if AWS and Salesforce find some independent solution, the chances are that other Oracle database customers too might move away from it.

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It will be interesting to see how AWS and Salesforce tackle with the database matter, because Salesforce had once tried to move away from Oracle in 2013, but eventually had to team up again.

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