Aligned Data Centers enters LATAM with the completion of the ODATA acquisition

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Aligned data centers

Aligned Data Centers, a prominent provider of advanced technology infrastructure solutions, has successfully finalized the acquisition of ODATA, a renowned data center provider in the LATAM region. This acquisition, which was publicly disclosed in December 2022, is a significant milestone for Aligned Data Centers as this marks its entry into the LATAM.

With the integration of ODATA, Aligned Data Centers solidifies its position as one of the largest operators of private data centers in the Americas. Its expansive presence now encompasses more than 40 data centers, with a combined critical capacity exceeding 2.5 GW when fully developed.

Following the acquisition, ODATA will continue its operations under the name ODATA, an Aligned Data Centers Company. The esteemed CEO, Ricardo Alário, will lead the subsidiary as it aligns with Aligned’s vision and values, ensuring a seamless transition and the continued provision of exceptional data center services throughout the LATAM region.

Catering to increasing demands

This collaboration comes at a time when the demand for energy-efficient and flexible technology infrastructure is increasing in Latin America due to the needs of large companies, cloud service providers, and government clients.

By joining forces, Aligned Data Centers and ODATA can better serve their customers by providing them with more growth opportunities. The two companies share a culture of innovation, care about the environment and society, and believe in working together to prioritize customer satisfaction.

ODATA is experiencing rapid growth as one of the leading hyperscale data center platforms in Latin America. It has operational facilities in key locations like Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico, and is actively expanding with new data centers in the region.

Alignment towards ESG objectives

One of the reasons why Aligned Data Centers chose to acquire ODATA is because of its strong commitment to renewable energy. ODATA has made significant investments in renewable energy sources, which aligns with Aligned’s own focus on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) objectives.

Aligned is known for its industry-leading environmental practices and responsible management of resources. When considering the acquisition, Aligned placed great importance on ODATA’s sustainability efforts, recognizing the value of their shared commitment to environmental stewardship.

ODATA has set an ambitious goal of achieving 100% green energy for its data centers in Brazil. To move closer to this objective, the company made a strategic move by acquiring a minority stake in Omega Energia’s wind farm. This wind farm has a capacity of 212 MW and is situated in the northeastern region of Brazil.

By investing in renewable energy infrastructure, ODATA aims to become a self-sufficient producer of renewable energy for its data centers. At present, a significant portion, approximately 85 to 90%, of the energy consumed by ODATA’s data centers is already sourced from renewable sources.

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