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Alchemy is First with Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Platform Rehosting Option

DAILYHOSTNEWS, December 22, 2011 – Alchemy Solutions was recently evaluated in a Gartner Research report by mainframe migration expert Dale Vecchio.

The report, titled Alchemy is First with Microsoft Windows Azure Cloud Platform Rehosting Option, reviews the latest mainframe-to-cloud migration tool from Alchemy Solutions. It was published on November 2, 2011.


NetCOBOL for .NET, Alchemy Solutions’ COBOL compiler for .NET, currently runs in Windows Azure. NeoKicks, the company’s CICS to ASP.NET application, runs natively in Windows Azure without the use of emulation or virtual machines. The rest of the NeoTools mainframe migration suite will be cloud ready in the near future.

Windows Azure offers true scalability, worry-free IT and unparalleled security at the fraction of the cost of comparable hosted solutions. For more information about Alchemy cloud solutions,

About Alchemy Solutions
Alchemy Solutions modernizes business IT through software developed for the Microsoft application platform. NetCOBOL for .NET runs COBOL on the Microsoft .NET Framework. NeoKicks translates CICS to ASP.NET web pages. NeoData converts indexed data files to SQL. NeoBatch executes JCL in Windows. The mainframe modernization tools can also launch COBOL and CICS into the cloud via Windows Azure. Alchemy Solutions, Inc. is a privately held company with its headquarters in Bend, Oregon, USA.

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