AKCP smartRack solution to make computer rack a part of IoT world

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Over 30 Years ago, AKCP created the SNMP environmental monitoring industry. AKCP continues to maintain its leadership within the industry with their recently announced product smartRack System.

The smartRack System includes various products that can work individually and combinedly to help transform the computer rack into an intelligent and monitored computer cabinet, an integrated part of the IoT world.

The new Cabinet Thermal Maps (CTMS, CTHMS) are string of 6 sensors to monitor temperature at the front and rear as well as measure temperature differentials between the air intake and exhaust. Better manage your racks thermal properties and accurately detect hotspots within your cabinet. An animated rack map view displays this sensor information graphically.

The In-Line Power Meter upgrades any basic Power Strip into an intelligent PDU. The user can monitor power consumed by his IT load for PUE calculations, and check how close they are to tripping your circuit breakers. Optional latched relays give power switching. A cost-effective upgrade path, with no need to replace an existing power strip.

The above sensors form the basis of the smartRack system. Thermal maps and In-Line Power Meters can be combined in a single device, meaning only one sensor port is required per cabinet to monitor the power and thermal properties. It presents a very cost-effective monitoring solution from a single cabinet, to a hot/cold aisle to a complete data center. The solution scales with your needs.

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