AI based technologies offer new possibilities across business operations

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In many respects, 2017 so far, has been the year of Artificial Intelligence(AI), Machine Learning (ML), big data and computing power. With algorithms, that can hear and see beyond human accuracy, the role of AI has increased.

The combination of machine learning, AI and people has now made it possible to achieve more in less time.

AI based systems can learn, adapt, engage and enhance things just like humans do. AI is a crucial component that can support current and future IT systems, processes and platforms. It stands as the major enabler of digital transformation across organizations as it can help companies build more agile, streamlined and scalable operations.

With a positive impact across all levels of operations, AI will also play an important role to take network optimization to new heights.

Considering the increasing role of AI, many top companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google and Facebook are infusing it across their operations and coming up with new AI based systems.

Microsoft recently rolled-out a cognitive video service – Video Indexer, which is built upon AI technology. Microsoft strongly believes that the combination of Cloud and AI can help solve many problems related to video streaming operations. Video Indexer makes it easier to extract insights from videos, collect metadata information and then correlate it.

On the other hand, Samsung SDS – the Information technology arm of the Samsung Group, launched the Brightics AI data-processing software, built upon AI technology. Brightics – combination of bright and analytics, signifies firm’s objective to generate bright and useful insights via advanced analytics tool.

Earlier in May 2017, Google also announced a new AI chip called TPUs with the objective of building an AI-first world.


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