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How AI and automation will help data centers as digital transformation is on the rise

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As digital transformation accelerates across all industries, the demand for data services is rising to match. As we continue into a new age where technology dominates our society and economy, operators must carefully balance sustainability requirements with an increased need for space and labor while reducing their environmentally harmful emissions. 

With environmental, social, and governance (ESG) requirements becoming increasingly important in the next two years, modern data centers are taking advantage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to become more sustainable and socially responsible. AI-driven automation solutions not only help reduce operational costs by leveraging predictive maintenance and improved security but can also anticipate power outages while achieving higher performance metrics. By embracing cutting-edge technology such as robotics, IoT, and machine learning with AI at its core, forward-thinking organizations will be well-placed to optimize their operations while minimizing carbon emissions. 

Gartner predicts that by 2025, cloud data centers could be employing cutting-edge robots equipped with AI and machine learning (ML) technology to achieve astonishing 30% more efficient operations. 

How can data centers make use of AI? 

Operational process automation 

  • In the coming years, tedious and time-consuming tasks in enterprise data centers will be revolutionized by AI.  
  • AI-powered robots will automate mundane tasks like server upgrades, scheduling, and maintenance – resulting in greater accuracy as well as freeing up staff to focus on more exciting projects. 
  • Industrial robots are revolutionizing the process of disposing, decommissioning, and destruction through automation.  
  • By remotely monitoring sound and images for irregularities or security risks, these robotic systems offer an invaluable source of data that leads to greater efficiency with increased ROI. 

Promoting sustainable practices 

  • Digital twins are revolutionizing the data center industry, allowing them to operate sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint.  
  • With AI and ML technology analyzing silos of information in real-time, these virtual representations can predict behaviors within a facility – making it possible to achieve cost savings through predictive maintenance techniques.  
  • Digital twin technology is an essential tool for managing increasingly complex operations as data centers grow bigger and handle more workloads than ever before. 
  • Harnessing the power of AI to monitor data centers can dramatically reduce energy costs and make organizations more sustainable. By using sensors, ML algorithms adjust cooling levels according to environmental changes with no need for human supervision – meaning companies could save up to 40% on their electricity bills. 
  • Using predictive analysis, companies can get a preemptive insight into potential server failure or network congestion bringing possible data outages down before they happen. 

Improve security  

  • Datacenters are vulnerable to both physical and digital threats which service providers can no longer ignore.  
  • AI/ML-powered solutions provide a solution – smart cameras, intrusion detection systems, and robots work together to protect the data center from outside forces. 
  • They also help in preventing cyber security issues with malware tracking, loophole identification, and comprehensive analysis of all incoming & outgoing information for potential dangers. 

Asset performance management 

  • With AI/ML models for Asset Performance Management, you can extend the life of your assets and lower costs.  
  • By proactively detecting any operating parameters that may hinder usability, these resources make it easier to detect when an asset needs maintenance before unplanned outages occur.  
  • Furthermore, real-time data streams are monitored so one can learn what is normal to identify anomalous conditions grouped across all related physical assets. 

Improve customer experience 

  • Unlock the potential of your customer/user experience using AI/ML models to maximize data center efficiency and security.  
  • Leverage these insights strategically by identifying which customers are at risk so you can retain them with proactive support, uncover connection opportunities that increase digital or business services availability in a secure low-latency manner, and gain a greater understanding of what consumers desire most from your solutions. 

Companies are eagerly embracing digital transformation, and data center operations need to adjust accordingly. Meeting this challenge will require a combination of AI and automation which will not only ensure sustainability but also drive critical competitiveness. 

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