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Advanced Internet Technologies Offers Discounts On Domain Transfers

Advanced Internet Technologies Offers Discounts On Domain Transfers

DAILYHOSTNEWS, October 29, 2011 – Last week one of the world’s largest web hosting companies and top level domain registrars, Advanced Internet Technologies (AIT), announced that it would be dropping its domain transfers prices to a remarkable $7.49 per domain in order to better accommodate new domain owners. With the raising prices of domains AIT understands how much customer might be watching their money so they are going through efforts to help out domain owners.

“At AIT we recognize how much small business owners, bulk domain owners or anybody really, are looking to save anywhere that they can save some money. Over the past 16 years we have come to realize how important it is to cut costs where ever you can.” stated CMO Richard Kirby, “If a domain owner wants to move their property from one location to another, they shouldn’t have to empty their wallets to do so!”

With the slowing climbing domain prices, this new deal from AIT is a promising change of pace and shows that there are still companies out there willing to make sacrifices to help out the consumer. As with all transfers, AIT’s $7.49 deal pays for a year of domain registration.

A lot of registrar’s offer great deals on transfers, renewals and registrations but fail to clarify that one is “locking” himself/herself into a contract that could double his/her rates in a year or two. With AIT, there are no hidden agendas or even asterisks. One pays $7.49 to transfer a domain and pays their already incredible low-priced renewal rate.

Chief Information Officer Michael Robert states, “AIT receives a lot of disgruntled domain customers who have been fooled by the clever marketing tactics used by some of our well-known competitors. Taking their input into consideration, we are now able to offer new customers in this situation an unbeatable deal!”

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AIT is excited to pair these incredible domain specials with their already low web-hosting prices. AIT has plans that range from basic single website plan, Business 1, to enterprise level solutions. In addition to web hosting, they provide a wide range of internet business solutions including enterprise mail servers and email marketers.


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