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Admission Lead Management System

Manage student leads efficiently with a powerful admission Lead Management System

Every big or small businesses depends on leads. Similarly, higher education institutions face stiff competition in student admissions, thus to win the race one needs to get complete visibility into every touch points of their leads in an organized manner. The era of technological advancement comes up with the Admission lead management software that helps the higher educational institutions to expand their admission process, reach the applicant with maximum visibility. Admission Lead management systems are the digital tools to reduce the leakage in the conversion funnel, engage the candidates through monitoring various channels and provide relevant information with automated activities. It enormously handles a large audience pool and knows when and whom to get in touch with and what kind of information to provide to convert leads into enrollments.

Here’s how you can use the lead management system to achieve your enrollment rate goals:

  1. Lead Capturing

The leads are captured through multiple widgets. The lead data must be captured consistently. It builds a unified and structured lead database by automating all the lead generation activities. The admission lead management software automatically captures lead information and helps you process the lead for further nourishment. This helps in preventing lead leakage. Educational institutes can monitor the source of the lead that helps them gain insights into the effectiveness of the marketing efforts. Institutes can analyze the best-performing channels where most of the leads are originating from and the least performing channels from which few leads are coming in.

  1. Lead Distribution

Once the leads are collected in the system, the lead management software makes sure that it is automatically assigned to the respective counselor. The assignment can be based on the location of the campus, the availability of the counselors, course preferences, and the source of the inquiry. This exponentially minimizes the time to contact the leads and maximizes the conversion rate. The details and follow-up history are stored by the system. It triggers reminders for further communication. The follow-up history helps in understanding the lead requirement and behavior which in turn aids in proper lead nurturing.

  1. Lead Nourishment

The majority of the students are in the awareness stage. Hence it is important to collect as much information about the prospective student through multiple channels. To minimize time, admission teams should have a comprehensive report containing all the details about the lead. Based on that report, counselors can score the leads. Lead scoring is used to rank prospect applicants and helps in assessing the interest/ willingness of applicants. It is evaluated through web page visits & views, click behavior, downloads, demographic profile, qualifying score, course preference, etc. The admission lead management is effectively used to discover, understand factors and assign lead scores just in time.

  1. Lead Closure

The admission lead management system allows to quickly identify ageing leads. Nurture mature leads by sending promotional content, testimonials, online one-to-one session, useful resources, etc, and encourage them to apply for the admissions. Converted leads are stored in the system as closed leads which indicates that there is no further activity required. The converted leads are forwarded to the admission management system for additional processing.


Educational institutions are expected to be completely digital in the coming years. The target of a large audience and quick decision-making is possible through the admission lead management system. The thoughtfully designed TargetX admission lead management system ensures improved targeting, enhances collaboration across all stages and departments, increases productivity and lead conversions.

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