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Addressing the Financial and Reputational Impact of Trust in RCS Business-to-Consumer Messaging

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GSMA webinar explores how verification authorities can help brands and service providers navigate—and maximize the benefits of—Rich Business Messaging

BRIDGEWATER, N.J.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#GSMA–The business messaging market is projected to reach $74 billion by 2021 with companies sending an estimated 2.7 trillion SMS messages by 2022. The stakes are high for brands that are investing billions in an effort to create a relationship with consumers that are both virtual and uniquely personal.

Rich Business Messaging powered by Rich Communication Services (RCS), has the potential to deliver this experience, but for companies to realize the benefits, consumer trust must be inherent from the start. Verification that indicates that brands are legitimate businesses is one critical way for businesses and service providers alike to achieve ROI on the billions of dollars being spent to reach and engage with consumers.

While RCS introduces a host of innovative interactive components like in-conversation video and image display, and call-to-action buttons that are critical to capturing consumers’ attention and creating a seamless experience—it also must establish trust at scale. RCS supports custom branding, logos and icons, which indicate to end users that they are communicating with a legitimate company. By integrating a robust verification system, trust can be built right into the foundation of RCS. The more trustworthy the message and source, the more reliable it is as a channel for businesses to engage with consumers, who all too often face a daily barrage of unwanted, unvetted or even malicious communications from any number of unverified sources.

As part of the GSMA webinar, A Tale of Two Messages: Why businesses Can Count on RCS to Drive Consumer Trust and Engagement, iconectiv’s Chief Product Officer Michael O’Brien will explore the positive financial and reputational impact that RCS can have on a company’s business messaging strategy.


Through revenue generated by conversational commerce—which is estimated to hit $40 billion by 2022—RCS promises to contribute favorably to a brand’s bottom line with its built-in ability to promote specific products and services, as well as click-to-pay options that enable conversion of conversations to transactions. RCS trials indicated 14 times more customer engagement and three times more sales than more traditional channels, as well as click-through rates over 40 percent greater than comparable campaigns using SMS.



O’Brien has more than 30 years of experience in the mobile communications industry. As a GSMA Verification Authority, iconectiv is working with the organization to support the rich business messaging ecosystem and manage trust at scale through its TruReach Intel platform.



January 12th at 11 a.m. ET / 5 p.m. CET



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