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Addressable Releases ListingArchitect™ to Provide Agents with AI-Generated Listing Descriptions

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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Addressable, the real estate marketing platform that utilizes artificial intelligence, robots, and proprietary data to help agents with lead generation, today released ListingArchitect™. This new product will generate full property listing descriptions for real estate agents. Once created, the agent can post these descriptions on the MLS, the agent’s website, and other channels. Earlier this year, Addressable also released another AI-powered tool called SmartCopy, which utilizes Open AI’s GPT-3 to generate message copy tuned for real estate marketing efforts. Together these complementary systems help automate the production of real estate marketing assets.

ListingArchitect™ is able to create rich descriptions for real estate agents’ listings, potentially saving them countless hours when preparing to sell a property. By providing the feature with photographs of the listing and a brief description of various key features, the new product is able to create vibrant and persuasive copy that helps paint a colorful story for each new property.

What makes ListingArchitect™ unique is that it does not present the user with a text box or chat style interface to enter a prompt, as is common with generative AI tools. Instead the system collects details of the property in a structured way and provides settings to fine tune the word choice and style. This approach is designed to improve ease of use and ultimately lead to better AI output.

“Most consumers don’t want to use a command line interface when working with computers, why should that be the user experience for AI systems? Our goal with ListingArcitect™ is to make something intuitive and easy to use, while still harnessing the creative power of GPT technology,” says Chris Tosswill, Founder and CEO of Addressable.

ListingArchitect™ will be available starting April 20th for all new and existing customers. For more information on ListingArchitect™, visit .

About Addressable: Addressable is a technology-driven company that provides real estate agents with an end-to-end marketing solution to help them win their local market. By combining robotic handwriting technology with a digital platform and trackable QR codes and phone numbers, Addressable provides real estate agents with a highly personalized, effective, and trackable marketing outreach solution. Management team includes Chris Tosswill, former Facebook PM, and Mark Weaver, former engineer at Task Rabbit and SnowFlake. Since 2020, Addressable has helped generate over $1.6B in home sales for real estate agents in 44 states. For more information, visit