Acronis 2022 ESG Report reveals significant steps taken to help partners towards environmental initiatives

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Cyber protection solutions provider, Acronis’ latest Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report showcases its dedication towards achieving sustainability and driving social change. This comprehensive look into Acronis’ progress reveals noteworthy initiatives ranging from diversity enhancements to eco-friendly measures, and charitable contributions that are designed to create sustainable investment opportunities for all. 

Here are the main highlights of the report you need to know. 

Environment achievements and goals 

52% of data centers operate at a PUE <1.5 

At present, Acronis has more than 50 data centers worldwide of which 13 were added in 2022. For achieving climate neutrality, Acronis is enhancing its suite of data centers with a stringent commitment to sustainability. Additionally, it is using power usage effectiveness (PUE) as a key performance indicator to assess the energy efficiency of data centers, with 1.5 being set as an industry benchmark for better results. Any new additions must be able to demonstrate a PUE rating below 1.7 and Acronis reports that 52% of its data centers have achieved a PUE <1.5. 

ESG reviews will become a standard for vendor selection 

In 2021, Acronis assessed its top 50 suppliers by spending across different categories such as hardware, hospitality, real estate, and telecom, using a standard questionnaire that covered all important ESG aspects and all of them returned a score of more than 70%. In 2023, Acronis aims to make ESG reviews a standard assessment in the process of selecting new vendors and this will be automated within the procurement process itself. 

Encouraging the use of electric and hybrid vehicles 

In an effort to reduce CO2 emissions, Acronis is encouraging its staff to take up sustainable options for travel. In 2023, it is planning to develop a recommendation to use electric and hybrid vehicles and replace air flight with train travel where practicable. Acronis will also implement a new travel booking system for more transparent reporting of our CO2 footprint, thereby helping to develop and implement robust policies and track progress more effectively. 

Sustainable office and merchandise 

Acronis’ commitment to sustainability is evident in the wide array of globally recognized certifications like BREEM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Methodology) or LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) that many of its buildings have attained. Acronis strives for efficient resource usage by favoring products made from eco-friendly materials and staunchly opposing single-use plastic. 

Helping partners in renewable energy projects 

Acronis is leading the charge towards a more sustainable future by propelling its partners, especially in developing countries, to transition towards renewable energy projects. As part of this initiative, Acronis has subsidized the installation of solar panels at partner offices in Nigeria to minimize their carbon footprint and address climate change. 

Social achievements and goals 

Schools Initiative to improve educational infrastructure 

Through its Schools Initiative, Acronis helps communities where children lack educational infrastructure and suffer from poor learning environments. Acronis invests in creating new schools and additional classrooms to give boys and girls in each community the same chance for education. It also helps set up computer classrooms to encourage students to engage in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs, and learn basic IT skills for thriving in the modern world.  

“Acronis is committed to providing access to quality education. Their programs show how relevant and impactful corporate responsibility can be. We hope Acronis will continue to encourage its service provider partners to engage in projects. We are grateful to support Acronis as a charity partner,” said Leoni Rossberg, Co-founder and Managing Director of Groundbreaker, Acronis Cyber Foundation Program charity partner. 

IT Skills Program to promote digital literacy 

Acronis IT Skills Program enables people to improve their skills and bridge the gaps in their digital literacy that can arise from the constantly evolving IT landscape. Through these programs, Acronis assists the participants to access new career opportunities while providing crucial education on the importance of cybersecurity and cyber wellness. In 2022, Acronis conducted 8 IT Skills training classes and workshops reaching over 13,000 students in all age groups. 

#CyberWomen initiative 

To address the challenge of improving gender diversity, Acronis established the #CyberWomen initiative as part of its wider #CyberDiversity program. The #CyberWomen regional chapters create a global network of local support groups, supported by Acronis. This initiative will help identify and develop women for leadership positions and increase their numbers in the industry as a whole. In 2022, #CyberWomen created a global impact with regional chapters established in 10 countries and over 450 participants engaged through local events and webinars. 2022 also marked the launch of the Women in Tech Mentorship Program to facilitate personal and professional growth and will continue in 2023. 

Achieving full pay parity 

In April 2022, Acronis completed a pay equality review and found that 98% of female employees were receiving compensation equivalent to their male counterparts. Subsequently, through annual merit planning processes, the company has accomplished full pay parity between genders. Looking ahead, plans for 2023 aim at sustaining this progress in equal remuneration going forward. 

Governance achievements and goals 

Revising the board’s bylaws 

Acronis believes that transparency about ethical standards is integral for the success of business relationships and has hence set out in 2022 to update its bylaws to account for changes in the size and scope of the Company’s operations and those of its subsidiaries. In 2023, these proposals will be reviewed thoroughly with members of senior management analyzing whether affiliates can operate independently without approval from higher executives at Acronis before making any necessary adjustments. 

Training and Awareness 

Increased awareness of security and compliance risks is required for improved success and protection for employees and customers. Acronis has published compliance policies, including the Code of Conduct and Anti-Bribery Policy online. It has asked employees to read policies and complete security and compliance training sessions. In 2022, Acronis conducted various security training sessions in response to new pandemic-era cyberattacks and online abuse. It aims to keep employee, customer, and business data safe. 

Acronis safeguards organizations against the damaging effects of cyberattacks, hardware failures, and more. It empowers service providers to maximize protection to clients while maintaining steady profits. Corporate IT teams and home office users can also take advantage of reliable yet affordable cybersecurity solutions for their critical infrastructure. 

Featured image and source credits: Acronis

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