Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud ranks among the top 5 ‘Microsoft 365 SaaS backup solutions’ in a report by Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG)

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SaaS backup solution

99.9% of all small US businesses are overlooked by technology providers, a striking statistic in today’s rapidly advancing technological world. While technology companies continually search for new markets to deploy their innovations, they often bypass this critical segment. Small businesses, defined by the US Small Business Administration as organizations with fewer than 500 employees, are crucial to the American economy. Yet, they remain largely ignored in the tech industry’s race to offer custom solutions.

The Ultimate SaaS Solution for SMBs: Microsoft 365

However, the landscape is shifting thanks to cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms. These services have revolutionized the way small businesses can access technology.  With subscription-based models, any small business can use high-quality tech solutions without breaking the bank. This change has led to a surge in SaaS options, offering a variety of customizable plans to choose from for small businesses.

Among these, Microsoft 365 stands out as a popular choice. Already, over 11 million small businesses have chosen Microsoft 365. It’s a versatile solution that caters to common business needs — whether it’s storing data, sharing files, sending emails, or conducting video conferences. Microsoft 365 brings features typically found in enterprise-level software to small businesses at an affordable price. This not only levels the playing field but also ensures that smaller companies aren’t left behind in the fast-paced digital world.

Ensuring Comprehensive Data Protection in Microsoft 365

As small businesses rapidly integrate Microsoft 365 into their operations, they face a critical challenge: managing and protecting their data. While Microsoft 365 offers data availability and security features, the responsibility of safeguarding data and user information primarily lies with the businesses themselves. This includes tasks such as backing up data, restoring it, and managing backups effectively.

SaaS Backup Solution

Microsoft 365 is hosted in Azure’s highly available data centers, offering some level of data security and protection against cyberattacks through physical security measures, antivirus, and firewalls. However, the inbuilt features like Deleted Items and Recycle Bin utilities in Microsoft 365 provide limited data protection, mainly covering recent deletions. This partial coverage necessitates that businesses, regardless of their size, take proactive steps in data protection.

To address these needs, three significant trends have emerged in the market:

  • Cloud-Based Backup Solutions for Microsoft 365: There are now specialized backup and recovery solutions designed for the SaaS-based version of Microsoft 365. These solutions offer more comprehensive backup services tailored for cloud environments.
  • Role of Managed Service Providers (MSPs): MSPs are increasingly involved in delivering these Microsoft 365 SaaS backup solutions. They provide the necessary technical expertise, support, and marketing for these backup solutions, helping businesses navigate the complexities of data management.
  • Tailored Backup Solutions for MSPs: Recognizing the specific needs of MSPs, some Microsoft 365 SaaS backup solutions are being designed with features that cater to their requirements. These include multi-tenancy functionality for effective management and integration with Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) or Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools. Such integration allows MSPs to centrally manage their clients’ Microsoft 365 backups and streamline their service delivery and billing processes.

Therefore, while Microsoft 365 offers a range of benefits for small businesses, it’s crucial for these businesses to understand the limitations of its data protection capabilities. Leveraging specialized backup solutions and the expertise of MSPs can ensure a more robust and comprehensive approach to data security and management in the cloud.

Advancing Cybersecurity and Data Protection in Microsoft 365 with Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud

The need for robust data protection in Microsoft 365 environments has become increasingly important, and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are turning to advanced solutions.

Among the numerous options available for Managed Service Providers (MSPs), Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud has emerged as one of the most effective SaaS backup solutions. In a comprehensive review of 14 Microsoft 365 SaaS backup solutions, the Data Center Infrastructure Group (DCIG) ranked Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud as a top 5 solution. This distinction highlights its effectiveness and the value it offers to MSPs and their clients.

Why Acronis Stands Out

  • Comprehensive Backup and Recovery Services: Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud extends beyond simple backup, encompassing disaster recovery, compliance support, and cybersecurity, making it a versatile choice for various business needs.
  • User-Friendly Subscription Model: The platform operates on a flexible month-to-month subscription model, providing MSPs with the agility to adapt to their client’s evolving requirements without the constraints of long-term commitments.
  • Global Accessibility and Data Sovereignty: With over 50 data centers worldwide, Acronis ensures fast and secure data transfer while addressing important data sovereignty concerns, a key factor for businesses operating in multiple jurisdictions.
  • Customizable Backup Frequency and Storage: The default setting of six backups per day, combined with unlimited cloud storage at a fixed cost, ensures robust data protection. MSPs have the flexibility to modify these settings based on specific client needs.
  • Multilingual Support: The multilingual interface of Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud caters to a global workforce, simplifying management for diverse teams.

Cyber protection Features of Acronis

  • Integrated Anti-Ransomware Tools: Acronis includes advanced anti-ransomware software and vulnerability assessment tools as part of its backup service, offering additional security layers to MSPs and their clients.
  • Enhanced Email Security: Recognizing the vulnerability of email systems, Acronis has incorporated superior email protection features. This includes advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques for more effective detection and prevention of email-based threats.
  • Targeted Protection for Microsoft Teams: Given the rising popularity of Microsoft Teams and its emerging status as a target for cyber threats, Acronis provides specialized protection for this platform. This includes measures to block malicious code injections and secure data against various cyber threats.

Wrapping Up

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud’s ranking among top 5 solutions by DCIG underscores its effectiveness in meeting the complex backup and cybersecurity needs of today’s businesses. Its combination of comprehensive backup solutions, advanced cybersecurity features, and user-friendly subscription models makes it an ideal choice for MSPs looking to provide their clients with reliable data protection and security in a Microsoft 365 environment.


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