ABB expands offerings to provide reliable, quality power for global telecommunications infrastructure

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Developing on its proven GP100 rectifier platform, ABB Power Conversion has made a new lower-voltage, 6-kilowatt (kW) version, true three-phase, to deliver the power levels required in networking and telecommunication applications. The low-line rectifiers give a variety of lower-voltage power systems to the foundation and those power systems will be developed by ABB, starting with its low-line GPS4830.

Both the low-line GP100 and GPS4830 support engineers and power designers demands for communication and high-density data solutions where high-line 380-480V feeds may not be available and in regions, like Japan – where lower-voltage (200-, 208- and 240-volt) AC utility power is prominent.

“With voltage levels varying by region, a one-size-fits-all approach to power conversion topologies cannot effectively meet the capacity demands of telecom applications responsible for keeping our world connected,” explained Vito Savino, wireline and data center segment leader at ABB Power Conversion. “By expanding our line of GPS4830 power systems to now support lower-voltage environments, we can meet the needs and requirements of our global customers while helping to provide the reliable, quality power they require.”

The GP100L3R48TEZ rectifiers give the power which is similar to and as competitive AC-DC power supplies but in half the rack space – significantly enhancing power density. This high power density, coupled with the compact design and high-efficiency operation of the rectifiers, helps it meet the growing needs of customers and original equipment manufacturers within the telecommunications, cable, and data center segments. For example, rectifiers give the 48V DC output voltage needed for many of today’s distributed power architectures, LAN/WAN/MAN applications, telecom switches, file servers, and enterprise networks.

When used in ABB’s GPS4830 power system, the performance levels achieved with the low-line GP100 rectifier combine with cabinet design and distribution of the GPS4848 to provide a strong solution for telecommunications applications. A fully equipped, low-line GPS4830 bay can accomplish 144 kW capacity, with 12 rectifier shelves incorporated while still giving 44 inches vertical space for the installation of distribution panels.

“The addition of the low-line GP100 to our product portfolio enables us to provide a complete range of GPS4830 power systems to meet our customers’ needs regardless of the utility voltage available near their facility,” Savino continued. “And with both high-line and low-line variations now available, we can provide a one-stop-shop for our customers to meet their global telecom power needs.”

Additional Features

The low-line GP100 rectifiers also feature:

  • 200/208/240 VAC input.
  • 42-58 VDC output.
  • Up to 96.5% efficiency.
  • Three means for monitoring/control: Analog, PMBus™, or Galaxy-based RS485 protocol.
  • Comprehensive input, output, and over-temperature protection.
  • Redundant, parallel operation with active load sharing and redundant +5V auxiliary power.
  • Power factor correction that meets both EN/IEC 61000-3-2 and EN 60555-2 requirements.
  • Conformally coated design.

To learn more about the new three-phase, low-line GP100 rectifiers click here. And to learn more about the lower-voltage GPS4830 power systems, click here.

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