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A Swift Ladder to Cloud | How and What to Estimate during Cloud Migrations

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The technology industry has been provided with options of various cloud platform solutions and the specific migration guides from the cloud platform owners. With decently structured recommendations,the business organizations can very well begin on their own to strategize the migration of their product work loads. How then is this paper different from already existing guidelines published by various cloud vendors? The answer to this curiosity is that this paper helps to provide a layer of practical insights and estimation areas of many implicitly required efforts,which have been collected and curated from the experiments on various small and large scale cloud migrations. The real time effort evidence comes not only from brownfield but greenfield executions that have been practically conducted to solve different core business challenges, different sizes of workloads, and different desired end-state architectures.This paper is intendedas a cheat book for architects, engineering program managers and lead developers who play a role of competent cloud partners to estimate and plan the efforts for enterprise migrations.

By Surbhi Nijhara

Senior Solution Architect, GlobalLogic India Ltd.

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